About Us

hi! i'm sabrina! a mid twenties stay at home mom! i have two beautiful, happy, energetic, sometimes crazy little boys. they are the absolute light of my life & my reason for everything. i love tattoos & piercings but don't have many of either. i love scary movies. i dont eat anything green. i love the sunset & the beach. i generally tend to speak my mind & my friends like this quality in me. my biggest fear is being outside alone in the dark. i am addicted to my cell phone, texting, facebook. i feel lost if it's not in my hand. i love ricky gervais. my favorite color is pink, but my blog is blue, well because i have boys. i pretty much only wear the color white & it pretty much drives my husband insane. i love to color. i love fruit, i could live on it. i hate getting ready & straightening my hair, but it's the only way i wear it. living in the south has kind of turned me into a southern girl. i say soda & y'all. i love football. if you want to know anything else ask or stop by here

my husband is jeremiah. we met way back in december of 2005 at work. he was my boss & i was his employee, boy were we rebels. we started dating in april of 2006, got engaged december 2006 & were married[on the beach] march 2nd 2007. he currently works for the highest volume ford dealership in our state. his hours suck but he kinda rocks at his job. he is six years older than me, i call him a grumpy old man, haha. he loves me anyways! he loves sports, all of them, is totally addicted to the computer games on facebook. he hits snooze 8 times in the morning, he never gets out of bed on time, he has recently lost two wedding rings in the last 6 months by placing them on the sink, he is my husband & he drives me nuts at times BUT he is an amazing husband, a wonderful father to our children, i honestly don't think i could ask for more.

meet colton j. born october 6th 2007[via emergency c-section] after he was born it was a long 12 hours until i could hold him. before i even laid my hands on him i was so full of love for him & so worried about him & where he was, who he was with, what he was doing without mommy. the moment they brought me that sweet little 7lb7oz baby was the best moment in my life. i was completely in love. instantly happy. this little baby had forever changed my life. now i look at him & though he is my baby forever, he is no longer a baby, he is a little boy now. to this day i am still instantly happy when i lay my eyes on him, my love grows for him with each & everyday. i am so proud of him & everything he is becoming. for all but 3months i have been able to stay home with him. i have first hand experienced every milestone. i have taught him so much & in his 3 years he has taught me so much more than i would have ever thought. he amazes me each & everyday with how smart he is & he loves to learn he soaks up knowledge like a sponge. a little bit about him? he loves crafts, coloring, painting. he loves pizza & mostoccoli. he loves scooby doo, dinosaurs, monster trucks & race cars. he is happiest when we are outside swimming.he loves his mama but boy is he daddys best friend. he is a picky eater, he doesn't like veggies. he doesnt like to be told what to do & he isnt a big fan of sharing with his brother, but we're working on that

the next light of my life is braedon trey who entered our lives july 23rd, 2009[via scheduled c-section].
what an amazing day this was. when i got to hear that little cry[i don't remember anything from the or with colton] i totally lost it. i burst into tears! i couldnt believe after so much waiting he was finally here. i think there was a moment in the hospital we both just knew that he was going to be a mamas boy. he has been ever since he was an infant & still is to this day. while i was pregnant the second time i was terrified about having two kids. would it be too much work? could i do it? how could you love two kids SO much?! as soon as i laid my eyes on braedon i knew that my fears were all for nothing. i knew that is absolutely possible to have overwhelming love for two tiny human beings & while some days are a struggle, i am pretty much a rock star at my job. braedon is the sunshine in this house. he never frowns, he never cries. everybody always says"he is such a happy baby" & they couldn't be more right. each & every time you lay your eyes on him you will be sure to find a big shining smile. braedon loves toy story. the movies, the toys, his bedding, his pajamas. he loves bananas & oranges. he loves popcorn chicken & fried okra. he eats & eats & eats, i am surprised he isn't a maury baby. he likes to play & entertain himself. one of his favorite games is chasing his brother around the house, screaming at the top of his lungs. he loves to color. what doesn't he love?well lately as we approach the terrible twos he doesn't like anything! I DONT LIKE that my two year olds favorite words are "don't like it" "don't like it clothes, don't like it bed, don't like it juice, don't like it food, don't like it cartoons, don't like it toys" you get the idea?! bring it on twos .... this mama is ready!

they might be brothers, but even at such a young age they are total opposites. these two little boys are my reason for everything i couldnt ever imagine my life without them

here youll be able to follow our journey, the good days, the bad, the big moments, the spilt milk. i am excited to finally have a blog. i wish i would have started earlier, but instead of documenting each milestone, i have dozens of funny stories instead. enjoy!