Hiring a professional to clean your house or commercial windows is simple, right? A lot of individuals think that the process of going with the customer-trusted and budget-friendly company, getting 3 estimates, and checking reviews would do the trick. In several conditions, yes, this process could prove to work. In others, you might not be so lucky considering anyone. Also, everyone could call themselves “a professional window cleaner” these days. So, what should you do? You likely do not have the time to check each one of the professionals you are considering with the different questions you might have with regards to their services.  Professional Window Cleaner

As a solution, here are important questions that could help in your process of selection. These can make a lot of difference in your service if you coupled it with your own research. It could also help save you from possible issues in the future. In addition to that, you could grill them during the process of estimate so there are no additional steps to take or time to be spent. This is satisfaction and convenience at its best.  

What is their liability policy? 

Window cleaning appears harmless enough to the unsuspecting customers. The cleaner arrives, cleans, and then leaves. But, it is significant to know the possible dangers window cleaners face with each task. They deal with razor scrapers, ladders, and other different tools depending on the service they are offering. You could be looking at a hefty lawsuit if an accident should take place if the professional you have hired don’t have workers compensation insurance and liability insurance. This is the reason why you must ask always about the liability policy. 

What type of window cleaning experience do they have? 

Today, there’s no actual “license for window cleaning” to be acquired. Thus, anybody could claim they are a professional window cleaner. This could be an issue for business or homeowners with special window or glass situations. Luckily, you could get rid of window cleaner wannabes or amateurs by asking about their experience in window cleaning. Also, you could ask them about their experience with your unique window to get down to the specifics.  

For instance, you could ask them if they’re familiar with tempered glass windows and do they know how to clean that type of window without scratching the surface? 

Possibilities are they aren’t really experienced with cleaning the window at all if you feel they’re very vague or uneasy about the answer they give you. After all, it’s a known fact in the industry that particular kinds of tempered glass are defective and should be handled with a lot of care. The cleaning would actually result in highly visible and ugly scratches if not correctly cleaned.  

The lesson here is that you should not be scared to pry the professional. As a customer, you’ve got the right to obtain as much insight as you want on that professional window cleaner Austin before they enter inside your home.