Saturday, January 5, 2013

wild wonderland

a pleasant surprise this holiday season was having my family from chicago down. my little sister turned 16 on christmas eve & they came to surprise her & spend the holidays with us.

after we all started feeling a bit better from the death cold that slammed our house, the family wanted to take us out & spend some time with them so we headed to wild wonderland at our local zoo!

it was the very last day they were doing it & i am so happy we went. it was so cool, i am sort of surprised that in almost 10 years of living here this is the first time i have heard of it/went. it will certainly be one of our new family traditions.

we had a blast with the family, they loved spending time with the boys & the boys loved spending time with them. i also think the boys were digging the extra attention for 3 extra people. ( it was my grandma, aunt & uncle down here visiting) & the exhibits were pretty neat.

it was a bit chilly, we actually headed to walmart for some hats & mittens before we headed out. im sure this will sound silly but it was a chilly 40 something degree night. if you live somewhere warm, you understand.

fun was had by all & i cant wait to go back with my little family next year!

[all photos via camera phone]


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