Thursday, January 10, 2013

the results

let me start of by giving you a bit of back story. mid september colton had an ear infection. we had him seen & he was given antibiotics. exactly two weeks later he was back at the doctor with another ear infection, more antibiotics. two & a half weeks later we were back again with you guessed it, yet another infection. to make a long story short between september 14th & thanksgiving poor big had five ear infections. four in the right ear & one in the left ear. every time he would catch a little bug at school, it would turn into a raging infection, with fever & pain so bad he would scream how bad it hurt. one of the times he had mentioned to me "my ear hurts" i figured we would wait & take him the following day. an hour later he was crying, screaming because it hurt so bad ASKING if we could go to the doctor so to after hours we went. we were so sick of seeing him like that & the ped kept saying "well lets wait & see"

finally with the last infection at the ped, they decided that something in fact was not right & gave us a referral to the ENT. at that same appointment we asked them to recheck his hearing. he had it tested before he started school, i was just taking an extra measure at that point to make sure all was good before he started & he passed. the next time they did it in office, he failed it, terribly so they also gave us a referral to the audiologist.

we had to visit the audiologist first as we had to take the results with us to the ENT appt. at the audiologist, she noted there was fluid in both ears. she also told us his hearing was borderline normal with mild hearing loss in one ear. not something any parent wants to hear. she then went on to tell us she didnt think it was a permanent loss & that it was a result of the fluid in his ears. that appointment was six weeks ago.

yesterday, finally after months of waiting we saw the ENT! the doctor was fantastic!! the way she talked to us, the way she talked to colton, i instantly loved her.

after checking him out, she told us the fluid was still in his ears & because it has been there for so long, along with the hearing loss & obviously the repeat infections she suggested we get tubes put in his ears. there wasnt really any convincing us. we had known this moment was coming for months & obviously we just want him fixed up & get his hearing better! she went on to tell us that she has performed this procedure over 600 times & only had complications twice, which were both the same, not serious & fixed by a follow up procedure. the hospital he will be getting his surgery at is also top ranked in the country for ears, nose & throat so that makes us feel pretty good too.

she said his hearing loss is like having cotton balls in your ears, muffled. hopefully after we get all that fluid out of there it will fully return [we have to go back to the audiologist 8 weeks after "treatment" from the ENT to recheck his hearing]

our primary had asked if he snored, when we responded yes, she said he may have a problem with his adenoids, and that large adenoids could also cause fluid build up leading to repeat infections. she had mentioned the possibility of having those removed & thats what was making us nervous, the pain that would follow having them removed. after checking him out & asking us tons of questions she established he gets to KEEP HIS ADENOIDS yay!

so the only procedure we're looking at is the tubes. she said it takes about 10 minutes. they will put him to sleep, without an IV, just using a mask & she said it should be about an hour & a half to two hours from the time we walk in to the time we walk out. she also explained that it is painless & he should be back to his normal self playing that night & can return back to school the following day as long as everything goes according to plan.

obviously, i am not excited about him needing surgery or having to be under anesthesia BUT we are happy that after months & months we finally have a solution.

they should be calling us within the week to schedule surgery & the surgery should be within 30 days.

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