Sunday, January 27, 2013

starlight, starbright i got my first starlooks starbox last night

by now we all know about the monthly subscription boxes that have taken the internet by storm.

here is one you may not have heard of just yet!

Starlooks is a make-up company & your Starbox subscription will bring you 3-4 FULL SIZE SAMPLES of their line! That my friends is awesome! I know i personally love full size samples. no one use & done samples here! The awesome part?! It's only $15 a month which is a great price in comparison to some of the other subscription boxes out there!

I received the January Starbox. Every month the box is different. this time, a pretty mint green with an adorable gold bow. Inside the box you will find a card & on the reverse side you will learn about the products included in your box!

Remember the box is just $15/month. The retail value of the box i received was $63! thats a great deal!

The items I received in my box:
""fancy" diamodline eye liner: This ultra smooth, creamy, waterproof eye liner has a gorgeous green sparkly tint, but is light & can be mixed or paired with other eye liner colors. Also can be used as an amazing eye shadow base by coloring the entire lid. (starlooks retail $8)"

""brown" eye liner:  This smooth, creamy, color saturated, smudge proof eye liner has a gorgeous brown tint. can also be used inside the waterline of the eye (starlooks retail $8)"
""cutey peach" blush compact: this gorgeous, pure, peach toned blush is super color saturated, so a little does go a long way. Perfect for that spring look you've been desiring. With a tiny amount of gold pearlecense, this blush can also provide a bit of highlight to the check bone (starlooks retail $12)

"858 dome brush: this brush is made from 100% pure, cruelty-free pony hair, & is super soft to the touch. Blends eye shadow & eye liner smoothly for that perfect smokey effect. Use in the corner of the eyes, eye lid, or under lash line. Also great for packing on pigments or loose shadows. (starlooks retail $15)

& as a surprise they threw in a beautiful, beaded bracelet by abby rose designs! i mean seriously, look how cute it is & that color is gorgeous! it can be found on the starlooks website for a limited time for $15.

All in all, i am in love with this box. The blush is the perfect color. Its not loud or overwhelming but gives the perfect pop of color to lighten your face & a little highlight. The eye liner is exactly what it says, long lasting & smudge proof. I couldn't even believe the wear of it! The eye brush is amazing, it really is super soft, i used it for eye shadow & it put it on perfectly & the bracelet is just so darn cute, i cant wait to pair it with the perfect outfit. 

I have nothing bad to say, honestly! & again i just cant get over the fact that for just $15 you're getting full size make-up! & its great quality make-up! Once you've had time to test out all the products, you just return to the site & place your order! There are NO hidden fees involved & should you choose to cancel your subscription you can do so at any time with no hassle!

I know i am certainly going to keep a subscription going. Keep adding to the collection & the cool thing is that you'll probably end up receiving products you may not normally buy but end up falling in love with!

You should probably go sign up for your subscription now!

[disclaimer: I received a complementary starlooks starbox in return of a review on my blog. the thoughts & opinions expressed are 100% my own]

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