Friday, January 25, 2013

Rockin' Green Laundry detergent {review & GIVEAWAY}

Have you heard of Rockin' Green Laundry Detergent? I am sure you have, i know in blog land a lot of people talk about it in regards to cloth diapering BUT did you know, it can be used for SO much more.

I was sent a few samples by the company to review & guess what? there are no cloth diapers here. Just regular clothes.

Let me share a little information with you first ....

Rockin' Green was founded in 2009 by a mom named Kim Webb. She was looking for a better way to clean cloth diapers & treat her own kids sensitive skin. 

Rockin' Green is Eco- friendly. They make cleaning easier & greener. a win win if you ask me.

Rockin' Green focuses primarily on their laundry detergent BUT also offer dryer balls, diaper sprayers pail fresheners, FUNK ROCK which is a first of its kind natural ammonia bouncer & melody, an odor neutralizer & air fresher with amazing scents including Mighty Mighty Marshmallow & Rage Against The Raspberry.

Rockin' Green detergent comes in three different formulas. Soft Rock, Classic Rock & Hard Rock (how cute are those names) they even have a nifty little map to show you which formula is best for you!
the scents are amazing! you can choose from
Mighty Mighty Marshmallow, Smashing Watermelons, The Green Teas, Rage Against The Raspberry, Motley Clean, Lavender Mint Revival & Bare Naked Babies 
(again with the name how cute)

They also have a rewards program, so the more you buy, the more you get. rack up points to earn free laundry detergent, scoops, etc! I know you love free stuff & earning free stuff just by continuing to buy a product you already love (as im sure you will) is amazing if you ask me. 

I was sent three samples of Smashing Watermelons Classic Rock. Each Packet has both "soak" & "wash" instructions right on the back. The purpose of soaking is to get rid of built up minerals & left over detergent. sooo, thats what i started with. You fill the washer with hot water & Rockin' Green along with your clothing & let sit for 30-60 minutes, then wash clothes as usual, skipping the soap. Whose washer couldn't use a good cleaning?!

Before you even get started, take a minute to enjoy the smell, it's fantastic! Upon washing dry clothes & enjoy!

I really don't have a bad thing to say. I mean look at it this way, if you can clean cloth diapers, which get really dirty, it would only make sense that Rockin' Green would clean your everyday clothes as well right? right! I am sold! The price is good, the ordering process is simple, you earn reward points & guess what, you can even order sample so can try them out & choose your favorite! 

Oh & we cant forget to mention ... & this is amazing. Most laundry detergents leave something behind. Imagine washing something for your dog & they chew on their favorite stuffed animal, they are ingesting the toxins & chemicals left behind. With Dog House Rock this is a problem no more. Pets are family, so why would you give them anything less then you give yourself. 

Still have questions?! Check out the Rockin' Green Support Center  they answer just about any question you could have!

So go check out the Rockin' Green Website. You can also find them on Facebook & Twitter

Now are you ready for the fun part?! Rockin' Green was rockin' enough to offer a giveaway to my readers! 
a Rafflecopter giveaway

 [disclaimer: i was provided the above mentioned products for free from the company to use & review on my blog. the opinions in this post are 100% my  personal thoughts & feelings about the product.]


Tabitha said...

i have never tried it

Sarah [] said...

Yes! It's all we use!

Adam & Kimberly said...

Haven't tried it but switching miss Addi to cloth diapers now so very interested in checking it out :)

Kat said...

read about it and wanna try it too! xx

Katrina said...

I have not tried it but I really want to for my cloth diapers!

ykatrina at hotmail dot com

Michele P. said...

I have never tried it but heard great things about it!