Tuesday, January 8, 2013

off to the ENT

well tomorrow is finally the day. colton has an appointment with the ENT. an appointment we have been waiting many months for. an appointment that was originally scheduled for the last day of february, while i am happy the day has finally come, i am a nervous wreck. probably worse than any other time in parenthood yet.

i'll write a post on all the details, why we're going & the results after we see him tomorrow (as well as the audiologist appointment) BUT we've been told by both our primary ped & the audiologist that we're probably looking at surgery, probably multiple procedures. while we want an answer & a solution for the problem, surgery is still always scary & i just really really wish it didnt have to be the answer, that there was another option. i mean who knows, maybe things arent as bad as we think, the doctors think, & he wont need it. possible right?!

anyways, i am a nervous wreck & will be until 2pm tomorrow. i'm sure im then going to leave the office feeling 10x better, or even more nervous.... ahhhhh .... wish us luck!

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