Friday, January 11, 2013

NYC Liqiud Lipshine #holidayvoxboxbreakdown

Who loves a good lip gloss?! I do I do I do! Seriously guys the amount of lip gloss i own is a little out of control, my husband thinks it whack.

Hey honey, can you grab my lip stuff from my purse, holds up a handful of different options.

I have a new favorite! NYC liquid lipshine LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! its perfect! how many times do you buy a lip gloss to get home, put it on & realize its sticky like honey. UGH i hate that. do people actually enjoy it? i just cant wrap my head around why they make it. NYC liquid lipshine, not sticky at all. The gloss factor, amazinggggg! super shiny!

also there are so many different shades, there is the perfect color for everyone. with a price tag of only $2.50 you cant really beat it. oh & its available wherever you can find NYC makeup is sold... which is just about every big store ive ever seen!

To learn more about the product & see what others are saying head to infulensters review page

[disclaimer: i received NYC liquid lipshine complementary from influenster]

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