Friday, January 11, 2013

Kiss Nail Dress ; Influenster #holidayvoxboxbreakdown

[note: i think from now on, i am going to do things a little different in regards to the posting on voxbox items. i did a little review of all the products in one post, i think i am instead to break it down into a small series over a couple days. starting now & you can expect the same format from here on out. sorry for the repetitiveness this round]

I have been seeing stick on nails for months & months & months. always having an interest to try them out, walking by them a million times in the store, picking them up putting them down. 

I love to shop BUT i hate to waste money. this ususally means i am hesitant to try new things because i am always angry when i buy something & it ends up being a waste of money. 

Usually i just stick to my normal polish. Then i got my holiday voxbox from influenster & inside?!?! kiss
nail dress.

Dont know what kiss nail dress is? let me tell ya real quick.a no-dry time manicure that lasts up to a week! 
you just peel, stick, shape & go. 

Seriously, its that easy, there are sizes to fit all nails (& if you flip them upside down you can even use them on your toes.) you peel it off, stick it on your nail, bend it over the top & file away the rest, with the file that was INCLUDED! 

Yes, its really that easy. I put mine on in the middle of the day, with kids wide awake. its took just a matter of minutes to put on & i went back to being referee as soon as i was done.

The price tag? $6.99 & they can be found at Kmart, walmart, cvs, walgreens & many other drug stores. [note: the walmart thats right down the road from me does NOT carry them :(]

want more details?! want to know what others are saying about kiss nail dress?! head on over to influensters review page

now, you should probably go grab some of your own. Tried them before, let me know what you think!

[disclaimer: i received kiss nail dress as a complimentary product from influenster]


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