Friday, January 4, 2013

it's 2013 & im baaaaack

hello bloggy friends! i know over the past 6 months i have told you countless times i was coming back to blogging .... & then i didnt. i so badly miss this space & so badly want to get back into it. a new year has started & with a new year people make resolutions. me?! i really don't. who likes to set themselves up for failure right. with every new year i just try to be better than the last year. with that, a better blogger. i have some big plans for this little space this year.

& six months ... oh man, there is a lot to share. i have so much to tell you about the kids. also in my plans of being better this year i am starting the 30 day shred. i would really like to post about that journey here. i feel like it will help keep me accountable. that is starting monday!

i also saw over on a day in mollywood (which also happens to be one of my favorites) she is doing nablopomo january. everyday there is a new prompt. it encourages you to get on & write everyday. the theme for this month is energy. i think it's a great idea. even when you personally have nothing to say, it's a quick way for you to jump on & say something. sometimes you can get caught in a blogging slump when you have nothing to say & then you know, if you dont use it, you lose it! so you can expect from me, at the very least, the daily prompt. starting now.....

At what time of day do you feel the most energetic and productive?

right when i wake up. okay so actually about a half hour after i get up, i need a minute to brush my teeth & get my drink. that's when i do most. the kids are contained while shoving their little faces & i have time. time to clean up the kitchen, vacuum, etc. im also energized & productive around 8pm. after the kids are in bed, that's the time to pick up the mess from the day. when i finally sit down to relax, i like the house to be clean, something about putting the little hurricanes away & knowing i am so close to being able to sit down in peace gives me an extra push of energy to just get the things that need to be done, done.

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