Saturday, January 19, 2013

it has hit home again...

the sickness that is! it's smacked us again! it started with colton last week, made it's way to braedon a couple days ago & now jeremiah thinks he's getting it too! i keep him away like plague BUT how are you supposed to not kiss all over your babies, esp when they are sick. im currently crossing my fingers i can be spared this go around. one of the hardest parts of parenting is parenting when your sick & wanting to nothing but melt into the couch & sleep.

i cant even count or keep up with how many times we have all been sick since colton has started school. its ridiculous ill tell you that much.

i had big plans for the weekend. here in tampa bay we have whats called gasparilla, they break it down into three parts over three weekends. the childrens parade, the day parade & the night parade. it's like the mardi gras of tampa. my intentions were to take the kids to the childrens parade tomorrow & there is also some kite festival going on down by the beaches, was thinking of making that a family outing BUT with the sickies hanging around here & the crazy drop in temps i think we are going to stay in & snuggled up this weekend. the parade will be aired on tv tomorrow night, so i am thinking the parade & bowl of popcorn may be in order.

the highlight of the weekend? its a four day weekend & i am so excited for two extra days with big. as soon as he went back to school after winter break we started counting down to this weekend. it was so nice having him here in break & i missed him like crazy when he headed back to school. braedon is pretty excited to have two whole extra days with his best friend around.

so we'll be spending our extra long weekend in pajamas resting & hopefully avoiding any doctors.

hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

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~Pam~ said...

Sorry about illness hitting the household again...ugh!
Enjoy a cozy weekend.
love and hugs