Friday, January 4, 2013

influenster #holidayvoxbox

its that time again! voxbox time! last week i received my holiday voxbox from influenster packed full of some awesome goodies.

what's in this box?

Quaker real medleys oatmeal. one word. amazing. the cup it comes in, how awesome. perfect for a breakfast at work, or throwing it in your purse & taking it to work with you. just pop it in the microwave & bam, breakfast is done man! the flavor was pretty delicious as well. little known fact about me, i eat oatmeal just about everyday for breakfast so it didnt take much to sell me on this. with a cost of $1.79 per cup it's decently priced & also comes in a variety of flavors including: summer berry oatmeal, apple walnut oatmeal, peach almond oatmeal & cherry pistachio oatmeal. head here to learn more about quaker real medleys oatmeal

nyc new york color liquid lipshine. glossy, glossy, glossy. seriously talk about some high shine. i opened this bad boy as soon as i got my box. i am a sucker for lip gloss so i couldnt wait to try this bad boy out. smells delicious. it doesnt have any kind of bad taste, because lets be real, not all lip gloss is nice to have on the lips. another plus, its NOT sticky, i hate sticky gloss & sticky this is not. the color i received was nude york city & it's perfect. it didnt really give me any color, just added a high gloss to the color i already had on. available in 10 shades from neutral to nudes, fuschias to berries & price tag of only $2.49 you can bet this has become a part of my everyday wear. want to learn more about nyc new york color liquid lipshine, head here

this next product was probably the most exciting for me. kiss nail dress. you all know i am crazy about my nails. they are never polishless & i am always trying fun new things. truth: ive never tried stick on polish/nails. at 10 bucks a pack i was always worried i would put them on & they would be peeling off the next day & while i love to shop, i hate to waste money, so i was pretty excited to try these puppies out. there are def some pros to them. just peel, apply, shape. pretty easy application, no dry time. i mean come on, 99% of the time i paint my nails its 10pm because what mom has time to just sit around & let her nails dry. i was able to throw these puppies on at 3 o clock in the afternoon. it says lasts up to 10 days & to be honest, i think that's a stretch. i think i had mine on about 5 days & took them off, they started peeling & just stopped looking so nice. would this be something i buy & do every 5 days, no probably not, ill stick to polish. is this something i would pick up & throw on before a date night or a special outing, absolutely, i really did like them, i just dont think they're made for as much wear as i gave em. you know, us moms, dishes, baths, dirt, etc. anyways the price tag on my card for these says 6.99 BUT i went to walmart because i was looking for the "corset" pack, seriously, check em out, so cute!! & walmart did not have them, so please let me know where you see them. also if you're interested, mine were called baby doll. go here to find out how to apply & see the different choices.

eboost. i received this in my first voxbox as well. eboost is supposed to boost your mind, focus & immunity with natural ingredients & no crash. the day i received my voxbox also happened to be the day my little household was being attacked by some kind of death cold. jeremiah took this. mixed it with a bottle of water. he said it didnt taste great, but he was sick so i dont really know how valid that is. or the truth remains that anything thats good for you taste bad?! anyways i am sure it is supposed to be used as a daily preventative, not a last minute get this crap out of me. also did it energize him ... no, i dont think so but again he was walking around like death. i would love to try this on a normal day, around 2pm when the need to nap & you cant hits & see how it works. its $28 for a box of 20 powder packets. $30 for 30 packets or $39 for a box of 12 shots. seems kind of pricey to me, not sure its something i would spend my money on unless it worked for me 110%  to learn more about eboost visit here

this next item made us both say what the heck upon opening the box. jeremiah said "is it for your hair, or for the car" haha! it's goody quickstyle brush (i received the paddle brush) what is it do you ask & why does it look like its made for your car?! microfiber bristles. removes up to 30% of water from your hair as you style. it's like a towel & brush in one. now does it dry your hair?! no. does it remove some of the water, absolutely. have i used it after every shower ive taken, sure have. would i spend $11.99 on it?! i guess that depends on your hair & what you do with it after the shower. if you have a lot of hair & it takes awhile to dry by either air or hair dryer. if you like new products, give it a try. i am sure you can pick it up at just about any store you visit. to learn more head over here

sole society. allows you to discover the latest tends & recommend shoes to friends. inside our boxes we received coupons for $25 off our first order. i am not a big shoe girl. to be honest. living in florida, we wear a lot of shorts, a lot of flip flops. yes, even now in january. will i use this?! maybe if i stumble upon a have to have pair but im sure its not something ill use on a regular basis. cool idea though for those who have a love relationship with shoes. visit the website here

once again, an awesome job by influenster. the products rarely disappoint. want to learn more about the program?! head on over to their website, it really is an awesome program & according to them, there are some awesome things to come in 2013! want an invitation? i have some available, just let me know & ill send one.

until next time, i hope you all have a fabulous day!

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Heather J said...

Nice Review!! I just reviewd mine as well! I'm a new follower through Influenster!