Saturday, January 12, 2013

if you havent laughed in awhile

usually when jeremiah comes home & says "lets watch ... " i'd rather watch golf, i sit there wanting to scoop by eyeballs out with a spoon, watching the seconds go by until the stupidity is done.

the other day we sit down & i ask him if we can finish watching judge judy (yes, i dvr it everyday & watch when the kids are in bed, dont ask. i cant explain) he says sure then we sit down & he grabs the remote & starts searching the on demand menus.

oh lovely, what is going to kill my brain cells slowly tonight.

he turns on impractical jokers, on TRUtv. i dont even pay attention the first 10-15 minutes, as i am checking all my social networking sites & am already convinced anything j picks is just plain dumb. then i heard something, something that stopped me from what i was doing & had me on the floor laughing!

we literally spent hours that night watching every episode that was on demand & then we started to record them, so last night new episodes were on, as well as a couple repeats, we didnt go to bed until after 1am because we were watching ... & laughing, laughing harder than i have laughed in a long long long time. laughing so hard i literally had tears rolling down my cheeks.

basically, its a group of four friends who head out in public & make each other say & do RIDICULOUS things.... why couldnt i think of that!

i should warn you, it's mildly inappropriate, but remember its on tv so.... [in my opinion its not that bad]

seriously, if you have a minute, check it out. Impractical Jokers, TRUtv, Thursday nights @ 10pm (eastern)

you can thank me later!

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