Saturday, January 26, 2013

Copy-Kids {review & GIVEAWAY}

Who doesn't struggle to get their toddlers & young children to eat their fruits & veggies! [okay, there might be a few of you who don't struggle but i'd guess you're the minority]

This is really the most basic idea. Kids LOVE to copy other kids. I experience it first hand, all day, everyday in our house. Braedon is always doing exactly what his big brother is doing. & i even catch colton copying what braedon is doing, its back & forth all day.

It would make perfect sense that sitting your kids down in front of the tv & having them watch kids eat vegetables that your kids would want to eat them as well.

I bring to you Copy-Kids! Copy-Kids is a DVD broke down into 12 chapters. Each chapter is 7 minutes long. [Copy-Kids also has earned quite a few awards] Doctors also recommend it!

bell pepper

Let me start of by saying both of my kids already eat apples, bananas, oranges & strawberries so we didnt have a need to work on those. 

I was really curious if a DVD could in fact turn these picky eaters of mine around & let me tell you i was surprised by what i saw.

Both kids loved seeing the other children on the screen, they giggled & laughed which set a good mood. 
Lets start with Braedon(remember he is 3). We have tried veggies around here before multiple times & he usually wants nothing to do with him. We started with blueberries first as i thought the fruit would be the easier sell. Within minutes he was shoveling them in. Now he has had them before, but usually just one or two & done. Now it seemed like he just couldnt get enough. We tried everything except the above mentioned & when it was all said & done he had eaten blueberries, cucumber, carrots, he tried tomato & wanted nothing to do with it, so i concluded he just didn't like it. So we've  made some progress. I believe if we watch over & over again, he might get some interest in the others, but you have to start somewhere right & i am impressed!

Now in keeping things honest around here, lets move onto colton. I was hopeful he would show some interest & want to participate, i was totally wrong! He enjoyed watching the kids but wanted nothing to do with the kids. Now when i say he is picky eater you have NO idea how picky, he is just weird with his food & certain foods have to be a certain way, etc. I think with him being 5 & being so strong willed he had just made up his mind he wasnt going to eat these foods & that was the end of that. 

I certainly recommend Copy-Kids for younger younger children, maybe even your older children if they arent so stuck in their ways like big is. 

You can buy it for 19.95 which if you ask me is a great price for getting your kids to eat healthy!

To learn more about Copy-Kids stop by their website & be sure to check them out on facebook too!

Copy-Kids also wants to give my readers a chance to win a copy of their own!
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[disclaimer: i was provided the above mentioned products for free from the company to use & review on my blog. the opinions in this post are 100% my  personal thoughts & feelings about the product.]


Maria said...

Any grandson is very picky.

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Any grandson is very picky.