Saturday, January 26, 2013

5 years old & healthy as a whistle

Colton went to the ped this week for his 5 year well check. 

Official Stats:
[putting him 2 years older but just 4lbs more than braedon]
BMI of 15

let me be simple. colton is skinny. skinny. skinny.
in the beginning the doctor were a bit worried because as a baby/toddler he was hanging out around the 90% & now he is barely riding the curve at 22%.

We have talked numerous times with them about what he eats in a day, tips to get him to pack on the pounds, etc. so we do everything they tell us to do & every time, they still ask us the same questions.

Not this time. I think they are finally starting to see that this may just be his build, where he gets that? my dad i imagine. my dad is TALL & SKINNY always has been! While i appreciate i got his height, i wish i would have got the skinny too, maybe that skips a generation. The doctor said we're not going to worry about his weight gain, or lack there of right now. She said as long as he keeps riding the line, as he always has, everything is okay. She said if he drops below it, then we'll worry.

I just don't get it. The child literally eats all day long, everyday. We give him carnation breakfast per the doctor, because its loaded in calories. they even said if he wants to eat 6 pb&j in a day, go ahead & let him. its protein & calories & trust me somedays he eats just that many.

In other news, he passed his eye exam, developmentally he is PERFECT & the doctor said he is extremely smart (his teacher the same day also told us he "absolutely excelling academically") he is doing everything he should be plus some & he is generally healthy as can be! YAY!

She asked if i had any questions & to be honest now that we have the ear situation in the process of being fixed, i really didnt. 

She thinks he might have some seasonal allergies, which totally sucks, so we'll be starting him on some Claritin daily to see if that helps. he isnt happy about it but when his nose stops running, i think he'll change his mind,

We'll take him back in four months instead of one year to see how the allergy meds are working & so they can also see him after surgery. 

Oh & the best part?! he is current on his vaccines so he didnt need even one shot! hooray for that. he got his book & we were on our way!

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