Monday, January 7, 2013

30 day shred: day 1

this morning was rough. 7am wake up call, colton heading back to school, i had a terrible headache & my neck was killing me. must have slept wrong. after getting colton ready & out the door with dad [jeremiah takes colton to school its their special thing together] i sat down on the couch for a minute & realized it was silent. the big boys were gone. the little boy was sleeping & i could do whatever i wanted.

so, i decided to head to bed, crawl in & go back to sleep. i laid there for about 5 minutes before i decided i was just going to get up & do it now. it had to be done, why not now.

by it i mean the 30 day shred. i am not looking to lose a ton of weight, for my height i am actually pretty comfortable with my weight but i am looking to tone up a bit & gain some strength. so i get out of bed, throw my shoes on grab my weights, turn the dvd & im ready to go. its only 20 minutes right?!

thats what i kept telling myself, its only 20 minutes ... then as i start the workout & im already dying she says something like great, now onto cycle two ... are you kidding me?! its only been 6 minutes?!

my legs feel like jello but i pushed through & for that i am proud of myself. i am looking forward to the next 29. i did pictures BUT i am not posting those here, not now at least. maybe after the 30 days if i like the results ill post them. lol! for my own personal self i am weighing in & taking photos every wednesday.

im excited, i have tried the workout thing before & failed. buuuuut 20 minutes for 30 days, not too shabby!

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Sarah [] said...

Yay! Good for you girly! Me and Heather (Terrell Family Fun) are doing the Shred too! I actually really love it. It's so fast (though its 25 mins, I timed it!) and very effective. I just completed day 6 today!