Friday, November 2, 2012

flu flu go away

friends, let me tell you something. school + germs = NO JOKE!

{this is what day 6 of a 101+ fever looks like}

colton started school back in august, it didn't take him long to come down with his first sickness. just a few weeks after school started he got a cold & we ended up in urgent care because he was shrieking his ear hurt. something we've never experienced before. sure thing, poor kid had an ear infection. he was put on antibiotics & that was that.

15 days later, we had deja vu in this house. a cold & then colton crying, in so much pain that his ear hurt, we took him in again. low & behold ... another ear infection in his right ear. more antibiotics, that was that.

two & a half weeks later colton tells me his ear hurts. within an hour of his first saying something he was in tears begging me to take to him to the doctor because he had an ear infection. we throw some clothes on & head right out to the doc. ...imagine that he sure did have an ear infection again. he was put on yet another new antibiotic & that was that.

which leads us to now. this past sunday morning colton woke up around 5:30am crying his ear hurt. he quickly went back to sleep, so we didnt do anything about it then. when he actually got up for the day [he took his last dose of his antibiotics] he had a fever of 102. the fever combined with him complaining his ear, we figured we would rather be safe than sorry so off to urgent care we went.

his ear was not infected, which makes sense, he had just taken a final dose of antibiotics, his throat looked okay, lungs sounded fine. the doctor said she wasnt sure why he had such a high fever, if he got any new symptoms or started vomiting to take him in. we leave the doctor, head to j work to pick up brae, get on the interstate & colton pukes all over himself. i get on the phone with my mom, ask her if i can drop of brae with my dad & if she'll come to the ER with colton & I. of course she says yes. so we get home, get colton showered, bags pack & head out again.

at the ER, the doc said he probably puked from the meds the prior doc had given, that he probably has something viral & you know what that means, nothing you can do but rest & fluids. i was so thankful nothing was seriously wrong. they wrote him a note, he missed school monday & tuesday.

Wednesday we sent him to school. he said he was okay & he didn't want to miss his halloween party, so off he went. when i picked him up he said he had fun at the party but didnt have a great day because he wasnt feeling so well. later that afternoon, we got our costumes on & headed to my moms for our traditional trick or treating & dinner. i told colton he didnt have to go, but what kid wants to miss halloween, so he decided to tough it out. we went trick or treating for about a half hour & they were done. we went back to mom's, the kids took their costumes off & curled up in my moms bed for cartoons. as the night went on coltons fever went up & up.

 {both of them, sick, toughing it out to go trick or treating. they ended up having a good time }
& totally scored some awesome treats
{cutest pirates ever!}
"arrrggh! matey! walk the plank"

braedon is sick himself. he has a cough that's been hanging around for the past couple weeks, that has just gotten worse over the past few days as colton's gotten worse so yesterday we packed up both kids & took them to the ped!

brae checked out pretty good. lungs are okay, ears & throat are okay. just a virus, get lots of rest. i feel so terrible because there isn't even an actual medicine for cough that is okay for age 3, so he is hacking up a lung & there is nothing i can do to make him feel any better.

as for colton, he had a temp of 102 at the doc, which got him another note out of school yesterday & today. his right ear is infected again, so he was put on a new antibiotic. that makes 4 different ones in just 8 weeks. they also swabbed him for the flu. she said the way he looks, his general lack of energy & the fact he's had such a fever for so long, that's what they believe it is. poor guy, again what can you do for the flu?! not a dang thing. colton gets the advantage because there is actual cough meds he can take & they seem to help that horrible cough of his.

{a peek into what our week has looked like. two very sick boys = lots}
of fevers, sleeping & snuggles

there's been talks about ENT's & tubes, i'll come back tomorrow to touch on that.

be prepared folks, apparently this is what happens when you throw your perfectly healthy kid with no immune system into a public school setting. oh boy!

in the meantime, these sickly little boys of mine & i will be spending the entire weekend, at home, in pajamas, getting lots of rest!! ... & maybe watching a bit of football too :)

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