Wednesday, October 24, 2012

influenster strikes again!

hello, again?! could it be?! me writing again! why yes, yes it is.

remember that little thing called influenster i just told you about?! well a few days after i received my beauty blogger voxbox i received another box from influenster. i opened it and .... more awesomeness.

DISH SOAP! okay now i think maybe only a mom & wife would be so excited about dish soap. i mean that is part of our job description right?!

three scents. first is the GINGER WHITE TEA. to me?! this one smells like just a normal soap. does that even make sense?! oh well, to me it didnt have a nice distinct scent, just smelled clean. not that that is a bad thing. My favorite LEMON THYME. smells amazing. fresh. citrus. ahhhh. & last but not least LIME BASIL, also smells incredible. 

Washed a sink full of dishes. everything was clean, everything smelled great afterwards. the bottles are so cute [i think] i dont even mind leaving it to sit out on the counter.

& best of all. since most of our dishes are washed in the dishwasher, i now have soap to last foreverrrr! 

so tell me, are you going to infuse your kitchen with freshness?!

thank you again influenster for an awesome box full of awesome product & friends don't forget to visit the website so you can get in on the fun too. & make sure to shoot me an email if you want an immediate invite[first come first serve]

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