Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Influenster Beauty Blogger Voxbox '12

[i know it's been ages since i have been around & i keep promising to start posting again & i promise one day i will. things have just been ... im not even sure. my brain feels like its in 100 places at the same time all day everyday. eventually i will be back, i am not giving up. since there isn't much about real life going on around here, i figure something is better than nothing right? & this something is waaaay cool. promise]

influenster?! have you heard about it?! if not let me spend a minute telling you a little bit. first, go request an invite now, you wont regret it.

influenster is a website that uses social media ... moguls :) to get brand names out to others through twitter, facebook, pinterest, blogging, vlogging.

I joined back in june & was just now in october given not one but two opportunities this month & i was stoked.

What you do is fill out a profile, give them your social media information & then throughout the year they have different programs, will send different things, for free, for you to use, review & share. if they think you might be a good match for a certain program you will get a pre-qualifying survey, fill it out & send back. easy as pie. if you've been selected you will receive an email telling you so & the fun begins.

this month i was lucky enough to qualify for & receive the beauty blogger voxbox '12 & oh man was it it filled to the rim with awesome products [oh & did i mention free?]

in my box i received:

seriously, awesome! i had to bust this baby out & give it a try. you know i recently just cut my hair, short or not there is a ton of it. i couldn't wait to find out if these puppies would work in my hair. disappointed i was not. you gather your hair & twist it around into a bun. you then take one spin pin & twist it up from the bottom & use the second spin pin & twist it down from the top.[just make sure not to get them hooked together] when you're ready to let it all down, just spin the opposite way.

vitabath body mist. there are 16 different scents to choose from & i am so happy i got this one. it smells delicious! this body mist is loaded with vitamins to keep your skin feeling refreshed. now while i enjoy smelling like a giant cupcake, it might not be something i would wear out on date night but its gotten its fair share of use all ready. after a shower, freshen your skin up, throw your jammies on & then ... your husband might try to take a bite out of you. i personally have never heard of this brand before, but the bottle is huuuge, it smells soooo good & its cheaper than bath & body works, i am deff looking forward to trying out some of the other scents.

this is incredible. to be honest i have never in my house had a bath & body works candle. i usually get the glade scented candles, things along those lines, so i was pretty excited to receive this. as soon as i opened the box i was hit with the smell. ready for this?! ... it smells like a man & i am in love. i love walking past my husband & catching a whiff of his cologne & thats exactly what this reminds me of. now does my entire house smell like this, no! & that's sad but i could certainly smell it when i came in from taking out the trash so it does actually smell while burning. 

okay, im not going to lie. i opened the box & while i was so excited for this, i mean who doesnt love free makeup, i was also terrified. BLACK! i am a very natural color eye shadow kind of girl. now i havent actually tried this on my eyes i have opened it. while i was watching others unboxing videos i kept seeing this "illuminator" it caught my attention so i did some investigating & learned [by lifting the flap on the back" that the purpose of it is to change the color of shadow by adding it on top. so i did a few swatches on my hand to check them out & its true. it does change the color. obviously not from black to green, haha. but it makes it a little less scary. i am looking forward to date night to try a nice smokey eye. 

again with this one. a little scary. i have NEVER in my life worn false lashes. actually, i have never even touched them. i have not used these yet. i opened them to get a little feel [nice & soft] these might get their first go on that date night i was talking about :) maybe i'll come back & update after i have used them.

this one i havent put to use i did however give it to jeremiah. if you know me, you know i have curly hair, which why i am sure they sent it to me BUT if i actually style my hair i straighten it. i was so glad i was able to give it to the husband. he said it's not too different from any other curly hair product. does the job its supposed to BUUUUUUUT, i say .... it smells amazing! seriously sometimes hair products smell gross. this smells like youre swimming in a pool of grapes! YUM!

Genuis! The name says it all. Energy + Immunity. who doesnt need them both! obviously having two small kids can run you down & pound you in the ground & we could all use a little pick me up. for our mind & body. this is natural. totally loaded with vitamins, it's insane! not only does it boost up your energy, it also boosts your mood & mind. and?! helps you immunity. jackpot! if you follow me on twitter or are my personal friend on facebook you'll know we all have had a hard time staying healthy in this house since colton has started school. i will be ordering some of this [note: for the adults of the house only] ive been in the er already since all these sickies have started & would love to not have a repeat visit. you sold me! oh & don't like orange?! no worries, there are plenty more flavors. 

so there you have it my friends. my very first voxbox. i am so happy & thankful to be given this opportunity by influenster. are you sold yet?! you get things, sent to you, for free. you love them. you review them & you hop on social media to share the awesomeness with your friends. couldn't be any easier.

If your interested & would like to know more about the influenster program click here

Oh & in case you're way too anxious & want to join right now i have a limited number of invites to email out. shoot me an email & i'll send one your way [first come first serve]

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