Wednesday, October 31, 2012

happy halloween!

Happy halloween friends! are you as excited for today as i am?! i love love love halloween! the kids always have so much fun & we always have such a great time taking them out trick or treating.

Poor colton is really trying to fight a sickness, he has been home the last two days but is toughing it out today so he didnt have to miss his halloween party at school. we'll touch more on the sickness later.

so with him being sick & braedon himself has a little something going on too we probably we wont be out too long this year, just long enough for them to say they did it, score some candy & be satisfied. 

as usual we will be heading out to moms. we always take the boys around their neighborhood, we do dinner & it's always a great time, i am looking forward to it.

in other news, i think this is the first halloween i might actually have to layer my kids. usually halloween is miserable. everybody is dripping sweat in their costumes. this year though because of sandy we are currently having a cold front, making our overnight temps in the 40s & yesterday it didnt even get to 70 during the day. so we'll be bundling up the kids this year, ha... that sounds so funny to say.

hope you all have a happy & safe halloween! can't wait to see everyone's pictures! 

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