Sunday, July 1, 2012

we officially have a preschooler

well you guys, colton j is officially a preschooler. a couple weeks back i finally got all my papers around & headed down to get his VPK certificate. [in case you missed it last time, the state of florida offers vpk- voluntary preschool FREE to all children who are four years old.] the next day we went to check out a school that somebody j works with had recommended.

through the VPK program you can choose what kind of school you prefer, religious based, private, public, daycare center type school. the one we chose is perfect. for everybody. it's public & runs of the state  curriculum. they said by the time the year is finished he will be reading. they also said first they learn to write their names, which made me giggle because colton has been doing that forever now.

the school is under a keypad security system. parents & teachers have the codes.

at pick up, you pull up in the car line & they bring the children out & strap them in their seat, while you sign them out for the day. amazing. the thought of not having to unbuckle braedon, go inside, go back & buckle them both in is amazing.

they have outside play 2x a day. first in the morning to get the energy out & then again after lessons as a treat for focusing. 

they have lessons & center time everyday. they also do art. EVERY SINGLE DAY, which for us was an amazing selling point as colton is the artist in the family, he spends hours everyday content just drawing away.

the school years runs the same as the public county schools. he will start school august 20th & finish in may/june[im not sure of the exact date]. he will be going monday-friday 8:30am-11:30am. not all schools do it everyday like that, some do longer hours, less day but the whole program is 540 hours. we think this set up is perfect because down here in florida you go to kindergarten all day everyday [up north i only did a half day of kindergarten] so i think this will have him most prepared for that.

oh & the best part. he got the last available spot. how perfect it worked out. he goes to the doctor tuesday for his physical, we have to go drop that off at the school & he will be good to go! i cant believe my baby is growing up! 

braedon is a bit sad that his best friend is going to be gone everyday & jealous that he cant go to school yet BUT i think once colton is in school for a bit & braedon realizes he gets a few hours of just mommy/daddy/him time everyday, i think he will be just fine. colton had me all alone for almost two years before braedon came, now it's brae's turn to enjoy mama!

so here's to our last summer before he starts school & school shopping! 

49 more days .....

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~Pam~ said...

Can't believe he will be starting school. He is such a big boy now.
Love you all, miss you all.