Friday, June 22, 2012

happy birthday to me!

well you guys, yesterday was my birthday. i am officially closer to 30 than 20 ... & that my friends is a little depressing. anyways, jeremiah worked 13 hours yesterday so i packed up the kids & headed to the mall to meet my mom & sister! i  shopped till i dropped! seriously, i came home & j said "i cant believe you got to much" & still had money left over! go me!

something crazy happened yesterday too! for years i have been talking about getting a tattoo, i knew i wanted something with my kids. didnt know what or where. finally about 6 months[ish] ago i decided i wanted it on the inside of my wrist & an infinity symbol, because obviously, i love my kids forever. so after a few people encouraged me, what better day than my birthday we were off to the tattoo shop & this happened!

it's different that what i had walked in & had in mind. what was in my head was just basic & simple. tattoo artists are exactly that artists.. she took what i had in my head & totally transformed it into something 10x better! i am in love with it! the pain wasn't too bad, the sides were the worst it was more uncomfortable than painful & after a few minutes it was just kinda numb. it took about 15 minutes, easy peasy!

also in the birthday excitement ... this happened too ...

i totally changed directions in what i was looking at i am so happy! i LOVE it! it's comfy & drives great. the boys have plenty of space! it's perfect! 

 yes i am totally the mom who adds my family. i think they're so cute!
i could have done without the cats but colton insisted. how could i tell him no?!
 see those things above the radio?!
those are the windows ... on the dash. so weird! still getting used to it.

so that's our new car. i love it, the kids love it & i think it is growing on the husband!

to go in the new car colton just got this:

graco nautilus 3-in-1 car seat

colton is big enough for a regular booster but the thought of him using just the car seat belt kind of scares the hell out of me so i knew i wanted him in a 5pt harness for as long as possible. which is 65lbs in this seat, or he gets too tall & his shoulders pass the straps.

it then converts into a high back belt booster & then finally a backless booster. i love love love it! it has great reviews, people i know have recommended it to me & so far i am impressed! braedon is getting one too!

oh & colton is officially a preschooler but i'll save that for another post. 

the kids are heading to my mom's this afternoon for the ENTIRE weekend. of course i will be missing them like crazy but it gives j & i a chance to celebrate my birthday & i am looking forward to some me time & just getting a break. sadly we have a ton of tropical weather so it's probably going to rain the whole time but i will make the best of it! this also means i will have plenty of time to catch up on blogging! i really miss it but things have just been 10 different kinds of crazy around here lately!

HAPPY FRIDAY! hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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