Friday, June 1, 2012

friday's letters

dear braedon- i am SO SO SO glad you are starting to feel better, you & i have had a long exhausting week eventually ended us in the ER. while i enjoyed the many many snuggles of the past week , i was missing your spunk & smiles. it's been so nice having you back to your happy self again! i love you bay!

dear colton- thank you so much for being such a good boy while braedon was sick, you were such a good helper & so concerned about your brother. sorry mama was so preoccupied this week, i promise once braedon is back to 100% the fun will begin again! i am SO proud of how good you were this week. love you bubs!

dear husband- you kick ass! that's pretty much it! i am so very proud of the month you had at work. you sacrificed a lot of time with your kids this month to make it happen & i appreciate your hard work. i am so very excited for our family day out tuesday & even more excited for our childless camping trip. i am really really looking forward to a mini getaway with you to just RELAX! you know we need it! thank you for everything you do! i love you! [oh & i'll go ahead & say thank you right now for the car you're buying me next week :)] [p.p.s. i found a really great coach purse! should i show you when you get home?!]

dear bloggy friends- sorry i have been so absent lately, if you see above ^^^ braedon was pretty sick & kept me pretty busy ... & exhausted all week! i promise i am going to take this weekend to get back into the swing of things! ps, i havent been on the computer much this week so if you wrote or read a great post this week, post in the comments for me to check out! 

dear june- i am so happy you're here! you have so much to offer. cookouts & camping. my birthday. a new car. i am so excited to enjoy you!

dear hurricane season- it's june 1st & we meet again! i can't believe i actually live half the year in the hurricane season every year. you & i both know tampa is long over due for a storm but you have been so good to us the last 8 years, please keep it going!!

dear cat- if you EVER wake me up again by literally running across my face & scratching it in the process ... i will throw you outside FOREVER!!! [okay, not really but don't ever do that again!]


Lissa @ The Looking Glass said...

ahhh hurricane season. YIKES! you're back. ha found you via the link up xo

~Pam~ said...

Hi Sabrina, enjoyed your blog entry!! So glad Braedon is better!HUGS

Amy K said...

I love your blog! What do you think about following each other? -

Much Love.