Monday, May 21, 2012

right now {week 4}

told you i have fallen behind on the blogging thing. ooppps! at least i am back on track. that's what matters right :)

right now i am....

... currently: going through the blogging notebook & trying to get caught up on posts, reviews & giveaways. it's going to be a busy week around baby loves.

... looking forward to: TOMORROW!!! it's our weekend! the water park or the beach?! who knows, we're going to let the kids decide in the morning.

... listening to/watching: anderson & what do you think it's about?! "are you mom enough"

... thinking about: nothing important!

... excited for: june 10th. if everything goes according to plan that's going to be new car day!
... thankful for: [knock on wood] myself & the kids not catching the death cold that's had a hold of the hubs for the last week
... laughing at: stupid things people say on facebook.

... reading: nothing right now. hopefully i'll be reading bloom by the end of the week. i finally ordered it & it's on it's way to me!

... feeling: sleepy. i just don't know what it is, it doesn't matter how much i sleep i am always so tired!

... wishing that: it was 5pm! it's our friday! 

[p.s. have you make sure you check out the giveaway that went up this morning]

how are you feeling right now?!
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