Monday, May 7, 2012

right now {week 3}

welcome to another week friends. monday a day dreaded by many. today i am stoked. it's our friday 

right now i am....

... currently: taking a minute to blog while drinking my coffee while the kids eat breakfast. then it's off to tackle my mile long to do list!

... looking forward to: TOMORROW!!!it's finally seaworld day!!!

... listening to/watching: "yum yum yum" it seems as though the kids are really digging their breakfast

... thinking about: how i don't want to clean the house again, lately i feel like it's all i've been doing. dang hurricanes that keep coming through.

... excited for: the next couple weeks to come. family day at seaworld. the beach. date night. busch gardens minus the babies = rollercoasters

... thankful for: it being our friday. it was a lonnnnng weekend!

... laughing at: the eight hours of sleep i've had in two days?! figure might as well laugh about it right.this mama is going to be in bed by 8 at this rate

... reading: my morning blog reads

... feeling: a little rough this morning. i am so very tired, kids are making me a bit stressed ....

... wishing that: a) it was 5pm b) both my kids nap today c) the house would clean itself :)

how are you feeling right now?!
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