Tuesday, May 15, 2012

out to eat & a birthday wish

two weeks ago tomorrow the boys & i headed out to dinner to kick start our "weekend" of fun! i had an email from chilis for a free kids meal x 2 so we decided that's where we would go. we don't go out to eat often. the kids are so picky it's usually a waste of food & money, but we wanted a special night.

we got to there & our waitress was so nice in the first couple minutes. engaging with the kids, which made me incredibly happy, sometimes the waitress is annoyed by small children at the table. i thought "wow, i really like her" little did i know how things were going to turn south.

we order our drinks. she pushes happy hour on us. we tell her no, it's okay, she does it again. listen, if i wanted a beer i would have ordered a beer. anyways, colton ordered apple juice. she came back ... 10 minutes later to inform us they dont have apple juice [shouldn't you have known this when we ordered] whatever. i am not bothered by any of this.

we order our food. there were two different kinds of chicken on the kids menu, we asked her what the difference was. she explained one was strips, one was nuggets. we told her we would take the nuggets. she checked TWO times to make sure that's what we had said. i order a steak with a salad.

as i am waiting & waiting & waiting for my salad i realized i didn't hear jer tell her how i wanted my steak[ i eat it WELL WELL WELL done, BURNT] so he usually makes a big deal to say well done, five times, tells them if it's not right we'll send it back. i didn't remember hearing any of this, so i asked. he tells me she never asked how i wanted it cooked.

seriously?! you went back to the computer & what button did you push, not the one i ordered. even if she forgot to ask, she should have come back instead of just assuming how i wanted it. jer searched & found her. that was that.

i am still waiting & waiting & waiting for my salad. finally when i get it, the food comes out literally 30 seconds later. now i am a little frustrated. i check my steak, to my surprise it was cooked perfect. colton's food comes out & it's the wrong chicken. for real!? you asked us to double check, TWO times. 

she never came back to ask how things were instead as we were clearly in the middle of eating she came to ask if she could bring us boxes. now i was irritated. that's just rude! nobody was finished eating, plates were not pushed to the side, we hadn't been just sitting around chatting it up. no indication we were even remotely done eating, as we were all sticking a bite in our mouths as she was asking us. whatever, it was just so rude, she was cut & getting ready to go home so she was rushing us through our meal?!?!

she brings boxes, hands us the check. we give her the email coupon & with a total attitude she said "well i guess i have to go change this now" yes, you do. that's your job?! sorry for the hassle. once she brings it back jeremiah has his wallet open setting out the cash, she walked past our table THREE times, in THIRTY seconds waiting for him to set the tray down. without even picking up any of the empty dishes as she passed.

grrrr, the food was good. i left full & content, we all did but really?! part of the dining experience is your server & ours sucked. she was so rude & if i go out to eat somewhere, unless you're closing [and not even really then] & should never feel rushed to finish my meal & get out.

i used to be a server. you work for your tip. you're nice to your customers, you don't give them attitude, you do your job with a smile on your face. maybe i am a little harsh when it comes to my waitresses because i used to do it, at the same time if you are a great waitress i always tip really well because i did it. i know they work hard, i know a good tip puts a smile on your face, i know my tip pays your bills. 

i came home & wrote an email on the chili's website. husband was all "why?! why are you doing it" because i was irritated, because i took my family out for a night & it sucked because our waitress was rude & we were rushed. same if i have a server who goes above & beyond i write something about them too. 

anyways, tons of time had gone by & just sunday on the beach i said to my mom "wow, i still didn't hear anything from chili's." then yesterday jeremiah came home & handed me an envelope. it was a letter from chili's apologizing & included $25 gift certificate. i was surprised as that wasn't my intention. anytime i have a bad dining experience, i never expect anything. even if a manager offers to comp the meal, we always pay [this usually stems from my steak issue & it never being cooked right, then my finally eating when everyone else is done] i didn't want or expect anything, just wanted to share my experience. 

it's actually kind of funny, i tell you my experience at your establishment sucked, so you send me money to go back. haha!! so the kids are going to my mom's tomorrow, giving jeremiah & i some much needed alone/break time!! we're thinking about using our gift card tomorrow. obviously a different chilis. haha!!

what are some of your restaurant experiences....

on a different note today is my loveys birthday [part of the reason we're sending the kids off tomorrow so we can celebrate!] so i just wanted to take a minute to wish my wonderful, very handsome, funny, husband & best friend a happy birthday! i love you husband & am so very thankful to have you!

nothing exciting happening here today! he got a new watch, but opened it early when i opened my mother's day gift. the boys each made him a picture frame with a picture of the three of them inside. he took them to work to hang on his desk & he is working 13 hours today. how lame is that?! so we'll have tacos for dinner & play some wii when he gets home later! 

happy birthday old man ;) i love you to the moon & back! 

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