Wednesday, May 23, 2012

the journey to a name

being a parent is hard. everyone knows this. one of the hardest things about being a parent?! coming up with a name. it's really the little things nobody tells you about.

i mean it's a big responsibility. giving someone a name. a name they will have from the day they are born ... forever. they don't have a choice, or a say. it's up to you as a parent & only you.

personally i love my name. sabrina. there has never been a day that i thought, oh man, i wish i had a different name. my parents wanted something that couldn't be shortened or turned into a nickname, which kinda stuck. over years friends of mine started calling me brina but no big deal. my sister?! her name is chase. unique for a girl. no nicknames for her. each of our middle names after one of our aunts.

i liked that idea so when it came to naming my kids, that was an important part to me. no nicknames. from day one i have loved two names sheldon & fletcher. my husband wasn't having any part of it. back to the drawing board. we couldn't come up with a girls name to save our lives. seriously. i am so happy colton turned out to be a boy or right to this day that poor baby would have probably just been called baby girl.

my sister had at sometime had mentioned the name colton. we were throwing out names here & there. nothing sticking, nothing certain. jeremiah loved the name trey. not for me, there was no way he would ever sell it on me. we threw out the name braedon a few times but eventually settled on colton. middle name, easy peasy. 

J not the word, not jay, just the letter J. it is the same as jeremiah, you know, the whole passing along thing. i was fine with it. i like the way colton j sounds, as long as nobody ever called him cj, we were set. maybe this is terrible. i am not sure why it is just the letter j. my husband isn't even certain why it is his "middle name" [maybe my mother in law will comment & share ... haha] 

when we found out we were pregnant with braedon, there wasn't even a discussion, we knew that was going to be his name. the on-going argument, how it would be spelled. 


so many choices. i was sold on the way it's currently spelled. jeremiah kept trying to talk me out of it. then one day i had an idea. remember that name jeremiah kept throwing out with colton, trey?! a compromise. you give  me my spelling, you can have your name. & there is was braedon trey.

i knew over time it would probably be a popular name, so at least he has a unique spelling. we thought we had another name that we thought would be nicknameless & yet we are always calling him brae. funny how that happens. 

so there you have it, how our kids names came to be. i am always curious to hear how other people came up with their kids names, so i thought i would share our story.

so tell me ... where did you get your kids names from?!


Sarah [] said...

How ironic you write a name post! I'm writing mine for Friday regarding baby #2! My Braden was a no-brainer for us. It was the ONLY name we liked for a boy, and sure enough...we had a boy - easy peasy. Otherwise...come read my post on Friday. Jay left the spelling up to me for Braden. I chose the "classic" way, but I was really debating putting the extra 'e' in there "Braeden" for awhile! I certainly don't like the 'y', it makes it too feminine for me, but it is the most common spelling so I guess I'm alone on that!

Amanda Marie said...

I think I've shared before on how the boys got their names, but just the other day I had someone ask if I named Grayson after the character on the show Cougar Town. I WANTED TO SMACK HER! Hahaha.

AliceMum said...

Hi Sabrina..well I'm not your mother in law but Grandma in law!! LOL Jeremiah's middle name..J was for my dad who was Harry J When we had our youngest..Timothy he got the J middle name too. Then he named his youngest son David J so you can see it definitely is a family thing!! LOL