Sunday, May 6, 2012

happy sunday

just wanted to stop by & check in. i've been pretty absent all week! i swear i had a four day long headache! it just wouldn't go away. obviously, with an aching head the last thing i want to do is sit & stare at the computer.... [or clean the house, yay for sunday & my kids waking up at 5am. not even noon & i am almost done with everything]

while we have been pretty lazy around here my mail box has been pretty full! i have some great reviews & giveaways scheduled over the next couple weeks! a sneak peek of what you can expect....

erin condren
my fairytale books
dali decals
perplexus rookie maze ball
real kids shades 

so make sure you check back often to see whats popping up! in the meantime i am just patiently waiting for tuesday, finally going to seaworld. so excited for a family day out of the house & who doesn't love seaworld. plus we're so excited to check out the new turtle trek exhibit.

that's all for now guys, hope you are all having a great weekend 

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elise said...

new follower! can't wait to keep reading!