Monday, May 14, 2012

happy mother's day

happy monday! hope you all had a fantastic weekend & i hope all you mamas enjoyed your special day yesterday! i did mine!

a bit of shopping in the morning, a frappe from mcdonalds, breakfast from burger king & then it was off to spend the day in clearwater. c'mon would you really expect me to spend my special day anywhere but the beach?! i didn't think so.

we met my parents at the beach. exchanged gifts, hello new pretties [thanks parents:)] & the boys made a special little something for my mama. i didn't take a picture of them but if she puts on up, ill grab it & add it] played in the sand, played in the water, had some snacks, an ice cream break. the weather was not fantastic. it was overcast all day, no tan for me but the temperature was beautiful since the sun wasn't beaming down. the forecast called for rain, we lucked out that didn't happen. the boys played & played & played, i swear there is nowhere in the world they would rather be & who could blame them. we had a few laughs, it was just a great day all around. after 8 we finally decided it was probably time to head out so we trucked back to the car & the kids were out before we hit the interstate.

we came home got the kids in bed, made a frozen pizza & played the wii into the wee hours of the night! my parents got me a beautiful new bracelet which i put on immediately. my boys got me a brand new invicta watch & i couldn't be more excited. it's beautiful! all in all it was fantastic!

i didn't get too many pictures because i was busy, doing nothing. sure i spent some time with the boys splashing around in the ocean but i also spent a lot of time doing nothing. with jeremiah never being around here the kids soak up every minute he is here so even on mothers day it was all about daddy, which is fine, i got to sit & enjoy the beach, relaxing & resting! i get to enjoy & play with  them all day everyday!

 [sand turtle the boys made with grandma]
 [pirate ship]

 [just hanging out with grandpa & gram]
 [searching for treasures with dad]

 [the pier]
 [from my boys ♥]
[from my parents ♥]

how did you all spend your special day?!

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Summer said...

Looks like a great day!