Tuesday, May 22, 2012

GIVEAWAY:: perplexus rookie 3d maze ball review & giveaway

who doesn't love a challenge!

we were recently offered the chance to do a review & giveaway for the perplexus rookie 3d maze ball by perplexus. my mind was blown when we opened the opened the package. what a cool toy! mainly it is geared for colton [as it's difficulty is a bit much for brae, but he likes playing with it, he thinks he is real big]. 

i'm not even kidding, when we took it out of the box we sat & played with the thing ... for an hour. get this you start in one spot & the finish is directly on the other side of the start. meaning you twist & wind your way through the ball ultimately ended up opposite from where you started, literally. 

it is a bit challenging, colton has yet to complete but i don't blame him, it's tough & takes time, sometimes he gets frustrated & pushes it to me & says "here you do it" at which time i try ... & i fail. yes, i admit, i have yet to make it through all 60 moves & end up at the finish. another confession, jeremiah has yet to complete it either.

the rookie isn't the only ball they have. they also have the original which is higher on the difficulty meter than the rookie & then there is the epic, with 125 barriers proving hardest on the difficulty meter. jeremiah said he wants one so he "can take it to work & challenge people" i think the epic would be perfect for that. then i might so hide behind a tree & spy on the macho men getting frustrated with it. c'mon, you know men think they can do everything & you know it would be funny when they fail.

one of the best things about the perplexus rookie 3d maze ball is it won't die. i hate getting in the car, on the way to orlando, the beach, whatever & the kids are content with their electronics, that is until it dies & then the full on fits start. this?! has NO batteries, amazing. it's also the perfect size it doesn't take up much space. perfect entertainment for the car! 

the people at perplexus were kind enough to also giveaway a perplexus rookie 3d maze ball to one of my readers!

[disclaimer: i was provided the above mentioned products for free from the company to use & review on my blog. the opinions in this post are 100% my thoughts & feelings about the product.]

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