Friday, May 18, 2012

fun with the hubs ♥

i have been a little absent around here this week. i was too busy having fun!

wednesday my dad picked up the boys on his way home from work & they were off to grandmas leaving the night open for date night! jeremiah ended up getting off about 2 hours after he was supposed to which i actually didn't mind. we really didn't have plans or a schedule or anything & it left me in an EMPTY, QUIET house to get ready. that never happens.

it ended up raining all.night.long. go figure, it doesn't rain in months & then the one time i straighten my hair for a date, non stop rain! anyways my poor hubby [& i say that in total kindness even though my husband sick is worse than both kids combined] took me shopping on date night. seriously, what an awesome guy! you know men aren't the fondest of shopping & he didn't even get anything. not sure about the mini shopping spree but i didn't hate it. i walked away with three new shirts, awesomely cute pair of shoes, a new wallet, new pajamas & a couple new nail polish, of course. i was digging it. THANKS HUBS :)

then it was off to chilis to use our gift cards, again food fantastic & again, my server didn't ask how i wanted my steak cook. seriously, a different location, a different server, the same thing. what is wrong with these people. we toyed around with a couple different ideas. the rain meant mini golf was out of the question. didn't want to go bowling, my wrist has been pretty sore lately. thought about the casino & as fun as it is decided no, since it's pretty much just throwing money away. so it was home for pajamas & wii.

we ended up staying up until 3:30am beating an entire game of guitar hero, kinda awesome.

get this thursday we stayed in bed until ELEVEN AM!!!! holy cow! it's literally been years. even though we do this about once a month we're usually setting the alarm & up early to go do things. not this time, we decided sleeping in was most important. the original plan was to go to adventure island[the water park] since we never get to do the water slides cause we're always with the kids BUT we slept half the day away & mr sick pants decided he wasn't up for it. soooo we went to ikea, grabbed a few things, found our new dining room chairs. had lunch. went to the pet store, stopped at a car dealership[yes, in the next couple weeks i will be a proud new owner] a tattoo shop, my birthday is next month so i wanted to go get it priced out, home to watch anderson, clean the fish tank, to walmart, the grocery store, back home for dinner & we made some chocolate covered starwberries & then we went bowling, wrist was still hurting but whatev, j beat me both times but only by a few points, i kinda kicked ass when i got a TURKEY though. seriously three strikes in a row, my husband couldn't believe it! then it was off to mom's to get the boys.

i saw brae for a few seconds & didn't even see colton. sleeping when we got there, when we transferred him to the car & then still sleeping when we put him in bed. hubs & i watched greys [which i thought was totally lame] & then off to bed.all in a all a total success.

usually when the boys are gone, we're up early & spending the day at a theme park or something. we never just bum around town together. like i couldn't even tell you the last time that's happened. it was kinda awesome. holding hands in the store instead of pushing strollers or carts. i love him & i love that my parents watch the boys so we can have opportunities to go out & just be a couple once & awhile.

i did also love waking up to those smiling faces this morning, i missed them!

happy friday, hope you all have a great weekend!

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D. Lynn @Purple Kale said...

That sounds like a dreamy time with the hubs. So funny how the most simple things can seem so incredible when you get a break from the kiddos!!

Thanks for sharing!