Friday, April 13, 2012

weekly round up

happy friday the 13th!!
who is looking forward to a good horror movie tonight?!
me! me! me!

well another week has come & gone. time just flies by. seriously. it feels like we were just enjoying the weekend & now we are already at another one.

our week was a mix of fun & exciting / lazy & boring!

sunday as you know we spent the day celebrating easter at the beach all day long. it was fabulous. we all came home exhausted & mama came home with a wicked sunburn. which believe it or not, is still lingering.

monday was basketball day. i swear i forgot about it on 12 different occasions, even as recent as the weekend. "oh, ill make the roast monday" "honey, you should really do the lawn monday" DUH. nobody is doing anything monday! if you don't remember way back in january i bought tickets to the orlando magic vs. detroit pistons game & gave them to jer when our anniversary rolled around.

the boys & i dropped jeremiah off at work, came home for breakfast, naptime, got them all dressed up & then we headed to mom's house to drop them off. i came home, got ready & was off to pick up my hubby. we then started the what took 2 hours to get to downtown orlando. once we were there the fun began. i am telling you, if you haven't been to an NBA game, go. i am not a huge basketball fan but the atmosphere is great & i can enjoy watching the game. we ate some "stadium food", had a few laughs, scored an awesome tshirt.[ if you don't know, i am OBSESSED with tshirts. everywhere i go, sporting events, concerts, etc i have to have a tshirt so when i saw the "deal of the game" was a $5 tshirt, i was sold. & it's cute, blue with the magic logo & on the back neck it says detroit pistons, since that's who they played. its love] & we watched the pistons get their butts kicked, seriously, they were horrible! poor husband, but yay for the hometown team!

we then started the long journey home. 2 hours to my moms from orlando & another half hour plus back home. usually my kids would sleep there but mom had to work tuesday morning so we got the hubs a 5 hour energy & a coffee drink & he was good to go.

tuesday blahhh. i slept till like almost 10am, something like that, thanks for that hubs. convinced the family to tag along grocery shopping with me, actually i bribed the husband. you come shopping, you can watch the whole tigers vs. rays game, without interruptions. sold. kids napped, hubs had baseball & i had a nap in the comfy cozy bed. the evening was pretty uneventful.. a roast for dinner & movie in bed, to which i fell asleep.

wednesday & thursday weren't much different than any other day. playing with the kids, cooking, cleaning, blah blah blah. oh & of course some grey's anatomy ... greys & only greys since private practice had to be all lame & switch days. boooo to that change.

our weekend plans?! who knows! jer works early[or is supposed to] friday & sat so i am hoping for a couple family dinners, maybe a family movie & sunday is up for grabs. jeremiah is scheduled to be off but might work, depends how the weekend goes.

how was your week & what are you planning on doing this weekend?!


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