Thursday, April 19, 2012

under the weather

hello interwebz, i've missed you! seriously, today is the first time all week i've actually opened my computer & got on the internet. i've been sick sick sick. here is a little rundown of where i've been & how the week has gone.

sunday morning when the kids came in the room, i opened my eyes, rolled over & said to jer "can you get up with them, i feel like puking" he did & i went back to sleep. a few hours later i was up for the day only for things to start going down hill. i was sick all day long, couldn't keep anything down. after work jer came home with panera, chicken noodle soup & a sandwich. i ate all the soup, half the sandwich & was actually feeling alright.

monday i was supposed to go to busch gardens with my aunt, i went to bed sunday night with that still up in the air. my tummy was feeling better but my body was not. when i woke up monday morning it took about 15 minutes of my being awake for the cycle to start all over again. the day was miserable. jeremiah worked late but i decided i needed help so at 10pm  i was at the er. they gave me anti nausea meds, pain meds, did a catscan. found a cyst on my ovary, hello pain & said the nausea vomiting could be related to that, or could be poor timing & could be a stomach bug. jer & the boys came & picked me up[luckily the kids slept the whole time] around 2am. stopped at walgreens to drop off my meds. stopped at taco bell, i was starving & they had given me all those meds i actually felt like i could eat. came home by the time everything was settled it was about 4am when i was sleeping. the kids were up at 7 & jer was leaving for work.

tuesday was decent. i didn't get too crazy, ate some chicken soup, cleaned up the house a bit, did some crafts with some kids, the meds had me pain free & nauseous free. early evening i chatted with my mom on the phone for a bit. shortly after hanging up my head started bothering me, in what seemed like a blink of an eye my headache was debilitating. the kids were in bed, i laid in bed & was in & out of sleep for a few minutes. i decided i was going to shower & hope it helped.

i got in the shower & just couldn't do it. i was so dizzy i had to sit down. sat for a few minutes, shut the water off, got out & puked. everything went downhill from there.

from 9pm-4:30am this continued. i got about an hour of sleep in that time. my head was hurting so bad i couldn't move, i couldn't stop puking even though there was nothing left. i sat in bed & just cried because i didn't know what to do, i was in so much pain. jeremiah numerous times throughout the night said "do you need to go to the hospital" an hour later he said "you need to go"

finally at 4:30 am i called my mom balling & asked her if she would come get my kids. instead of waking the kids up, etc, we decided jer was just going to stay with them & mom took me back to the ER. they gave me meds, again. ran like a bag of fluids, made me drowsy, i finally slept woke up & felt like a totally different person & they sent me home.

she said a headache can happen for a thousand reasons. i might have been a perfect storm. no real food in days, the pain, being dehydrated. i think my body just wasn't catching up fast enough.

mom dropped me off at home, jer stayed home with the kids & i slept all day long. last night i was sleeping at about 10pm & slept till about 10am this morning. it was lovely. if you know me you know i hate sleeping. i think it is a waste of time that could be spent doing to so much other stuff. clearly though, my body needed/wanted it BAD!!

i am feeling totally different today. not really 100%, still having some pain but the heating pad & pain meds are helping that. i did vacuum today though so clearly i am on the mend.

how has your week been?! anything exciting happen?! any good posts?! share them with me, it will take me forever to sit & go through four days worth of blogs!

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