Tuesday, April 3, 2012

a ton of weekend fun!

what a great weekend we had! friday was jimmy buffett day in tampa ... you know what that means! tailgating :) jer headed off to work, dad came & picked us up & we were off for a day of fun in the sun & fun we had. the boys had an absolute blast just running around outside all day, playing bubbles, playing frisbee, their own version of using a hula hoop! the adults had a few yummy fruity drinks, amazing food was made, awesome snacks all day! a few walks around the parking lot to see all of the other camp set-ups.  eventually jeremiah came & met up with us after work at which time we ate more food, he hung out playing with the kids. the rest of them packed up headed into the show[we didn't, no babysitter] we played a bit more & headed home. the kids went right to bed, with mama following shortly afterwards. it was a long exhausting day in the hot florida sun all day.

saturday my plan was to take the kids to an easter egg hunt but we were all just so exhausted we decided to hang out around the house, in our pajamas, relaxing all day so that's what we did.

sunday we headed south to take the kids to an easter egg scavenger hunt. it was really cute. there were ten stations & you collected a picture after you completed each task. a few things the boys did, planted seeds in a basket to bring home, made bird feeders, made lady bugs & bumble bees, painted flowers. once they completed their hunt we decided to let them go to town on some strawberry picking, it was their first time & we all had a blast, plus brought home a yummy treat. my parents met us their along with my aunt, uncle & cousins, the kids always love seeing their cousins.

after a couple hours at the u-pick farm we decided we would all head up to apollo beach to the manatee viewing center. it closes april 15th until november so we thought we would give it a try. what it is is the electric plant creates extremely warm waters & in the winter all of the manatees come in from the gulf to the warm water, we have been there before & seen hundreds. this time, not to much. our temperature has been so warm, the gulf is so warm, they have already gone back out to sea. we saw a whopping 0 manatees, but we still had fun.

we all walked along the pier, looking at the fish, birds, crabs, took a stroll through the butterfly garden & spent sometime in the learning center. it was a beautiful day, perfect temperature, awesome breeze. all in all just a good day. after we left we made a pit stop at walmart & came home for colton's favorite pasta dinner. we laughed, we played & the kids headed to bed. it was the perfect way to end a perfect weekend.

this week is looking promising too. tomorrow night the kids are off to my mom's for a sleepover, giving jer & i date night, i think we might finally go see the hunger games. i told him he could take me to see titanic in 3d, that's when he gave up the fight about what movie to see. thursday we are going to busch gardens for some rollercoaster fun. then .... we have all decided [after the easter bunny comes & a quick breakfast with my in-laws] we heading out to spend easter at the beach. the whole family. why sit around a house all day just for a ham dinner when you can spend the day on the beach & eat a ham sandwich instead. really looking forward to that. for living in florida we don't make it to the beach nearly enough. monday night the kids will be back at my parents while we head to orlando to see the magic vs.pistons game[jer's anniversary gift]

with an amazing weekend behind me i am looking forward to an equally exciting week ahead.

it's been awhile since i have been around, hope everyone is doing alright! talk to you soon!

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