Monday, April 30, 2012

right now {week 2}

another week is before us, here we go.

right now i am....

... currently: sitting down at the computer for pretty much the first time today.

... looking forward to: thursday!! family trip out to the museum of science & industry to see the mummies!  & mothers day ... i hear the beach calling my name! 

... listening to/watching: dr.phil. passing time until the bad girls club reunion. hello drama!

... thinking about: how starving i am & husband already called to say he is working late so now i am faced with a tough choice ... wendy's or taco bell.

... excited for: MOSI! & we have some more excited plans in the works for this month.

... thankful for: everything seems to be quieting down a bit. there has been so much going on with so many people the last few weeks.

... laughing at: colton & the things that come out of his mouth. today he said "brae can just have my learning board because it's for learning & i already know everything" ... well okay then mister smarty pants.

... reading: well, i really was going to start reading the help but i was contacted today by an author who wanted to send me a book to read & review. share some info about. he is also going to be doing a guest post soon, so be on the lookout. anyways, i am just going to wait for that to get here so i don't have two books going at the same time.

... feeling: pain, in my finger. i think i must have sprained it or something. it's been hurting for days & this whole typing thing right now, not helping.

... wishing that: it was thursday. jer worked his day off yesterday so it will  be nice to spend the entire day as a family.

how are you feeling right now?!
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