Monday, April 23, 2012

right now {week 1}

since i am getting back into the swing of things around the blog, i thought it would be fun to start a new weekly feature & what better day to do it than a monday, when everyone is kinda just dragging along, something simple & sweet that won't take much time for others to join in on the fun. if you would like to join in, make sure to link back to my blog, so other's can come link up too!

right now i am....

... currently: doing my morning blog reading, enjoying 24 wonderful ounces of coffee

... looking forward to: our next seaworld trip! i am hoping sunday! the new turtle trek exhibit opens friday, we can't wait to go check it out! 

... listening to/watching: quiet. sort of. my kids are currently shoving their faces full of breakfast, so they are silent. we're watching ice age

... thinking about: how much my husband has worked over the last 5 days & can't wait for his day off tomorrow!

... excited for: a sunny 72 degree day on tomorrow. makes a bit too cold to carry through with our beach plans BUT makes it the perfect day to ... i don't know, spend the day at the park with my guys!

... thankful for: [knock on wood] being healthy again! a few pains here & there but it feels good to feel like myself again!

... laughing at: the things that come out of my kids mouths. seriously, i told colton something was wrong & he said "no, actually it's incorrect" are you kidding me?! you're only 4 dude. slow your roll!

... reading: okay, here is the thing, i bought "the help" but have yet to pick it up. i did however read the latest US weekly... that counts for something right?!

... feeling: sleepy, so so sleepy.

... wishing that: it was tuesday already! 

how are you feeling right now?!
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