Saturday, April 14, 2012

our week via phone photos [wk 1]

so in the year plus i have been blogging i followed amy's blog a good life & keeping up with her weeks via iphone. i have never done a post like this, mainly because i don't use my phone for pictures much unless we're out BUT with instagram FINALLY becoming available for android i have been taking many more photos. i don't have an iphone so without further delay, here is our week via my droid :)

two babies snoozin' & reloading on the way to the beach

while the babies slept i enjoyed the ride. plus there was some good music & waiting for the boats to pass

easter day spent on the beach! who wouldn't want to live here?!

gorgeous beach day. hanging with daddy & sunset snuggles with mama

husbands anniversary gift.
driving to orlando. the new amway center. detroit pistons vs. orlando magic game
lovey & i. pretty at night. awesome fire station in the middle of downtown orlando

got to go shopping for girly presents. the cousin's birthday is monday.
early morning snuggles with the littlest.
that moment when the kids are in bed & you can finally sit down for longer than 30 seconds.
finally decided it was time to take back the blogging.
the big stud after his second escape outside. one of them being 6 hours plus, i fear he made some lady friends & was so relieved he came back.
coolest mom ever let the boys have a breakfast picnic while watching despicable me.

did you document your week with your phone?!
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amy@agoodlife said...

the beach & an nba game?? sounds like a good week :) glad you linked up!