Saturday, April 21, 2012

our week via phone photos [week 2]

here we are again! man this week absolutely flew by, i can't even believe it! i guess being sick & sleeping away the days will do that to you! here is our week through my phone. since the going away of picnik, i have no idea where to make a normal photo collage anymore, picmonkey doesn't have them :( if you know a site i can [easily] make collages, please let me know! remember to share you week & head over to amy's at a good life & link up too!

here is our week in no particular order this week!

 made my nails pretty after being sick. 20 different colors & this is what i pick
 hoping to make bedtime a bit smoother
 some weird thing that showed up by my eye. three days later it's still there. 
anybody have any idea?!
 epic meltdown
 this was his worst meltdown in his almost three years of life
 hubs brought me chicken noodle soup
 the big guy lovin' on his daddy
 still sick, more chicken noodle soup
 ER visit #1 :(
 came home from the hospital at 3am to find my birchbox
 going to bed at 4am & getting crappy sleep cause this guy took over our bed. 
 a night in the ER, three hours of sleep & a 7am wake up but they still keep me smiling
 time for crafts
 cheesin'. showing off his work
 hard at work
 bumped his mouth. his lip was bleeding. he wouldn't give up this paper towel to save a life.
it was "making it not hurt" ... so dramatic sometimes.
 the finished product. now hanging outside in the tree
 snuggles with my little
 mama's boy ♥
 leappad fun
 trip to the ER #2 in 36 hours
 lazy day coloring
 hubs brought me braedon a beautiful new baby girl
 the chart in action. so far so good.
 5:30am wake up after days of sleeping means the weekly shopping trip at sunrise
 they sure do love each other
taking all the pillows & blankets in the house, throwing them in the middle of the living room & having a movie party on a friday afternoon

how was your week?!

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