Thursday, April 19, 2012

our expanding family

for months i have been trying to talk the hubs into bringing a new kitty home. after the sudden unexpected death of our cat maize & then a few months later the time came for the old lady, my long & loyal, smush faced stormy weather. the house was feeling empty. my entire life i've had cats & from having three cats to one cat. it wasn;t the same around here. not to mention i had storm since i was 15 years old, she was my cat, didn't like anyone in this house, just me, i was her human & she was my fur baby long before i had real babies & maize, while he was "colton's cat" he was really mine. when i sat, he sat, when i laid down, he laid on top of me. when i showered, he showered with me. okay not really but he would sit on the toilet, or the edge of the tub.

while we still have a cat, teco, he isn't my cat. he is colton's best pal. sure he sleeps with me but only because we don't let him sleep with colton.

i wanted a cat ... braedon wanted a cat. finally after months, we broke jer.

yesterday he came & woke me up & told me they were going to get a cat. braedon had been asking to go to the kitty store for days, he wanted a black cat. so off they went.

a few hours later all three boys woke up, there was a box sitting on the bed. we opened it to find a beautiful black little girl.

meet LUNA! she is 8 months old & the sweetest thing. we took her out of the box & she just snuggled with me. i can't even get over what a lover she is. after awhile, she ran under the bed. i spent a couple more minutes with her last night & then this morning she graced me with her presence for a bit. now, she is back under the bed. she doesn't seem to mind the kids & both cats seem to be getting along just fine. they were actually sleeping under the bed together.

[as i type this, she just came & jumped on the couch with me]

obviously she is brand new here & a new place is always a little scary so i expect it to be a couple days before she stops spending her days under the bed but i think she is going to fit in just fine around here!

& me i am a happy lady. after the week i've had it was the perfect way to put a smile on my face & the kids, they don't mind her much either.


Sarah [] said...

You sneaky lady! Bet you were trying to pull a pregnancy post! Not that I haven't done that one before! ;) She's a beauty, congrats on the new kitty!

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