Friday, April 27, 2012

friday favorites

happy friday friends!!!

i am going to cross my fingers for a busy, busy next couple days at work for the hubs! if he makes his bonus, sunday will be spent home with us, if not, sunday will be spent .... by him working. soooo, i am hoping for the best.

in other news, i thought i would share a few of my favorite things from this week with you!

if you're in the tampa area, the D.C area you might know the radio personality, kane! seriously, war of the roses, kane show, google it, hilarious! anyways i recently stumbled upon his wifes blog little pink monster. mom, crafter & writer of one the most honest posts i've seen since i have been blogging! 

deanna talks about her story & the vicious storms that ripped through the south & devastated so many last year.

an awesome post about the day in the life of a work at home mom!

if you have a minute head over to chasing zebras & check out their story. send some thoughts & prayers their way while you're at it!

so happy for jess who gets to have her husband home for the birth of their new baby boy & a while after. how fantastic for their cute little family! 

& i recently stumbled upon a blog i really enjoy, so you should go check it out too.....

& there you have it. a few of my favorite bloggers/blogs & a few great posts! if you haven't checked these ladies out, you should ... now!

have a fantastic weekend everyone!

[update:: i already mentioned deanna once in this blog post, but now this lovely lady, one of my favorite reads is giving away a kindle on her blog today! you should probably go check it out ... or don't ... since that will lower my chances :)]


Kay said...

Thanks for the shout out girlfriend! I love your blog too :)

Sonya Marie said...

awesome blogs!!!! I dig your lineup! And your blog is pretty freaking neat!! I really love the design!!! And the cute kidss aww!! <3