Tuesday, April 3, 2012

exciting news!!!

have you heard the exciting news today?!?!

that's right my friends! instagram for android is finally here!!!

for months & months i would randomly type instagram into my search bar & hope it would pop up it my google store! it NEVER happened. then today while on twitter i saw what i thought was a crazy rumor.

could it really be true?! instagram for android?! i went straight to google play on my phone, typed it in & it didn't appear. that was it, i knew it was only a rumor ... until ... i saw people were actually getting it, downloading it, using it. WHAT THE HAY?!

eventually after using my web on the phone to google it, find it, go to it, accept & install it, all through the web, NOT google play i was successful! 

soooooo...... you should probably get it if you don't have it & if you do you should probably be following me!

instagram name

i am just learning to navigate around, to all you pros, if you have any helpful hints, tips, suggestions, help a sister out!


Sarah [NurseLovesFarmer.com] said...

I love that they have this now! So many of my fave bloggers are NOT on IG cuz of Androids! YAY!!!

Sarah [NurseLovesFarmer.com] said...

Also...your username isn't listed...yet???? I'm hellonurse182 if you want to add me.

~Pam~ said...

I don't know anything about Instagram..need to check it out!
Happy Easter! xoxo