Thursday, April 12, 2012

easter recap 2012 [photo dump]

gosh, i am always so late with everything. "they" say better late than never though right?!

when i was growing up, we always spent easter out of the house, usually the zoo. after spending the last few easters this year i decided i wanted to switch it up a bit. i rang my mom, let her know we decided to go out & do something that day instead. now it was just to figure out what?! & yay for us, the past few years we have had easter dinner at our house & then last year at mom's since we had family in town. by heading out for the day that meant nobody had to cook or clean to host easter dinner! win!

eventually we knew where we would be spending our day, how could we not. THE BEACH! so that was that. my little family, my parents & sister & my aunt & her kids all gathered for a picnic on the beach. what an awesome day. i mean seriously is there anywhere you would rather be?! we played & played. ate a bunch of awesome food. had some good laughs & after everybody else left we took a walk down the beach & watched the sunset.  i really couldn't have asked for a better day. the boys were just so happy to not just be out of the house but the beach just does amazing things for people. plus they had their cousins to play with all day & it is so cute to just sit & watch them all interact with each other. 

a perfect day! when i asked jeremiah what we should do on his next day off, he said the beach. i am down! i could live at the beach!

i went ahead & put all the photos together below ... because there are a lot of them!!

hope you all had a fantastic easter!

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