Tuesday, April 24, 2012

the bedtime chart

[this was scheduled to post days ago. for some reason when i schedule something, it's not posting]

bedtime. i have such a love hate relationship with it! while i adore my kids, it's always nice when they're tucked in at night & the house is quiet but getting to that point?! shoot me now. bedtime is such a hassle in this house sometimes.

we go through cycles, for awhile it will be real smooth & then out of nowhere they will fight bedtime to the death. it stresses me out. jeremiah is at work all the time so there is usually only one or two days a week he is here for bedtime. after running around with them & the chaos of the day we are all frazzled & then the kids try to give me the run around when it's time for bed. they're not sleepy, they need a snack, now a drink ... you get the idea SOOO, i decided to try something new. something to [hopefully] make things a bit easier not just for me but for them as well.

colton is our problem child. once in awhile braedon will give us a hard time but in comparison, it's easy peasy with him. colton responds best to lots of praise & acknowledgement. we've been using reward charts around here for awhile. cleaning up his room, a whole day with no timeouts, etc, you get the idea.

we decided to start a bedtime chart. colton is going to be going to school this fall so we knew had to get a bedtime routine down. come school, we can't be having fights until 10pm sometimes 11pm. so we printed these charts.... i printed one for each boy.

we hung them on the pantry in the kitchen, where they can see & reach them. when it's time to start, we complete each task & then head back to the chart for a sticker. once they're done & in bed, mama heads back & puts the last sticker on if the whole thing went smooth. we have always done these things before bed, but with it being on paper & them being excited to stick their stickers when they have completed a task makes it so much more fun for them.

i forgot bathtime on the chart, oopppss. i'll put it on the next one. we start the whole process around 6:30. by the time they have their bath & each go through the whole list & 123551 books at story time, it's usually around 7:30 when they get tucked in bed & they are both sleeping around 8.

it's only been a few days but i can't complain, it's never been easier to get them to pick up their rooms. i am impressed by just how excited they are about it. when the entire chart is full they get a "special reward" they aren't working towards anything in particular. we'll probably take them to the store & pick out a little something.

[update: it's been almost a week, today is the last open day on their charts & i can't believe it took us so long to do this! my world has been rocked, bedtime is so easy. after the first two days, when i said it was time to start they knew exactly what that meant & colton knows exactly what he needs to do, in what order & he doesn't fight it at all. they are both so excited to go pick out their "prizes" & are ready to get today finished & start a brand new chart]

how do you get your kids to bed, what is your nighttime routine like ... & does it make you crazy too?!

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Sarah [NurseLovesFarmer.com] said...

That's an awesome idea! I'm going to work on Braden's potty chart. 3 stickers for a each pee and he will get a train, then we'll move to 4 and 5 and so on...I think it will really motivate him!