Sunday, February 26, 2012

week in review, what a week it was!

what a week! crazy/scary/happy ... just about a bit of everything,

monday was off to a great start with a tan & some coffee, nothing out of the normal. spent the day with the kids. jeremiah brought checkers home for dinner, all was well.

tuesday morning i woke up & jer was already gone to work. i talked to him briefly early in the morning. then a couple hours go by & i haven't heard anything. i text a couple times, nothing. i just thought he was busy...

... i sit down to eat a bowl of cereal & get a phone call from him saying he thinks he needs to go to the hospital. he is having really bad pain. my heart starts racing. i ask him if he wants to come home & sleep, or if i should take him. he tells me to give him a couple minutes to see if he can drive home. i start getting myself & the boys ready in case he decides we need to go. a few minutes later i got a phone call telling me they called an ambulance for him, he will let me know what's going on. 

at that moment i completely broke down. i was so scared. he had the car, i was helpless, stuck at home with the kids while my husband was going to the hospital via ambulance & i knew nothing. i immediately call my mom, ask her if i bring the kids to her if she can leave work & take them home with her. she tells me to try to calm down, she is leaving & will call me when she gets to the car, seriously a minute later she called & said she was on her way.

i start frantically trying to get things together, packing a bag for they boys in case they leave with mom. packing the laptop, cell phone chargers, etc. i had no idea what was wrong, what was going to be happening.

i got a phone call from jeremiah, saying he was okay, the ambulance was there, he was starting to feel better, told me what hospital he was going to & that somebody was bringing me the car. my mom showed up, calmed me down a little bit, then my car showed up & i was out the door on the way to my husband.

i felt blank on my way to the hospital. i have never been so scared in my whole life. i didn't know what was wrong, i was so worried about him. when i got there i flew to the back & once i saw him a sudden relief came over me. he didn't look great, but he didn't look how i had imagined. he told me they drew blood & did a catscan. not long after the doctor said "we have good news & bad news" my heart sank, i dont know why doctors do that. she then told us, all the tests came back fine, he was fine. probably some sort of stomach bug, food poisoning, etc. was causing the pain. they loaded him with some iv fluids, gave him some pain meds & we were on our way home ... & i could breathe again. stopped & got him some lunch to bring home, came home & tucked him in bed. my mom stayed with the kids while i took care of a couple things. i am so thankful for her, for literally dropping what she was doing AT WORK, to rush to us. i tucked the kids away for naptime & laid in bed next to my husband just staring at him. later in the evening he woke up for about 20 minutes, ate, said hi to the boys & went back to bed, once everyone was tucked in, i ate, took a shower & sat on the couch. as i was finally able to process the day i just sat & cried. i was so relieved that everything was okay.

jeremiah j-
i love you more than you could possibly imagine. 
i am sooo  very very glad you are happy & healthy!

wednesday morning, he woke up[after sleeping about 16 hours] feeling good & headed off to work. i hugged him, didn't want to let him go, didn't really want to let him out of my sight. i must have called him about 50 times through the day to make sure he was okay, for weeks the plan was for my dad to pick the kids up that wednesday. we figured we would still go ahead with that regardless. colton was really looking forward to it. so jer came home, dad picked the kids up & hubs was feeling so good we headed out for date night.

we went to applebees for dinner, toys r us[what you don't do that on date night] the casino & then bowling & drinks. we lost money at the casino, i lost 2/3 bowling games but we had an incredible night!

thursday we were up early & off to busch gardens minus the kids. this is the reason we had a babysitter planned for like 6 weeks. we had so much fun! we laughed & laughed. rode big rides & little rides, walked around holding hands & acting like silly teenagers. it was amazing. we get so caught up in family time & the kids we often lose sight of each other & making time as a couple. the timing of it was perfect, after our crazy/scary day tuesday our date weekend was just what we needed, it was long overdue.

now our anniversary is in less than a week & we leave for vacation in less than two. i am so very excited & looking forward to it all. i apologize for this post rambling & bouncing all over the place. i couldn't really keep anything straight in my head tuesday so it's still all kind of scrambled in there. i am happy to report that whatever it was seems to be gone, jer has been happy & healthy since. thank goodness ♥


Rj and Jessie said...

Omg. :/ I'm glad he's okay!

Sarah Halstead said...

Oh wow. That is scary. I hope you all had a great vacation. Can't wait to hear about it.

By the way I tagged you :)