Thursday, February 16, 2012

valentines day recap [you mean you didn't have medics called?]

our valentines day was perfect around here! hubs got to open his present early, monday night. we'll skip the story cause it will make me look dumb, lol!

tuesday morning the kids woke up & we let them open their valentines goodie bags. made them breakfast, jeremiah disappeared for a little bit. he was "going to walmart" i needed a few things before we were off for the day. when he came home i was surprised with a card, my favorite candy & a gift certificate for 2 months unlimited tanning & a mocha frappe!

then we were off to busch gardens, it's been months since we've been so we were all pretty excited. the day was great we took our time, looked at the animals, took pictures, the kids rode soooo many rides & mama even got to jump on a coaster since the park was dead.


in the middle of our day some excitement happened. we had just got done eating & were making our way to the next area. the kids were trotting along, jeremiah behind & i was behind all them from gathering everything up.

you know sometimes you see something happen & you know the next chain of events isn't going to be good & you won't be able to stop it?! c'mon moms you know what i mean right?! that's what happned. i saw braedon trip, he went to his knees, didn't use his arms at all & then his face smashed the concrete. it all happened so fast, in a matter of about a second & a half we couldn't do anything about. jeremiah rushed to pick him up[since he was right there] i go to take braedon from him & there is blood on jer's shirt & braedon's whole mouth is bloody, i didn't expect everything different, my heart is racing, my eyes have tears, i yell at jeremiah to go find napkins.

what seemed like an hour had passed & jer still wasn't back, i put braedon in the stroller, whipped out the diaper bag, grabbed some wipes & started to clean him up hoping that whatever was in the wipes wasn't go to irritate the hurts, all while hoping colton is going to continue standing in one spot & not want to take off. finally jer came back with napkins & ice[that's what was taking so long] the bleeding had stopped but he was so swollen. thankfully the ice brought it down.

[i took these yesterday-- wednesday. it's starting to look better but still makes me sad]

an employee comes over to us & asks if she should call the medics, then tells us she is going to call the medics & next thing i know, there they are. thankfully braedon is okay, just a busted lip. the inside from his teeth, the outside from the ground. my poor guy. after awhile, all was calm & clean & we headed off to finish our day & our little champ didn't let it rain on his day, he continued on smiling & laughing. he probably handled it better than me.

after the park closed, we came home, got pajamas on, put the kids in bed & ordered pizza hut for dinner, at 10pm. [only crazy people actually go out to eat on vday] & watched moneyball. okay he watched & i fell asleep.

then yesterday my dad calls me, tells me he is down the street & is stopping by. gave the kids their valentines & gave me my annual card & stuffed animal. for as long as i can remember my dad has always come home with a present for me on vday & now that i am grown with my own babies, on my own, he still takes time out his day to think of me & bring me a little something. all my animals from dad on valentines day sit on my dresser in the bedroom. makes me happy. [he would have stopped on tuesday but we were gone]

all in all it was great! next on to the anniversary! tomorrow the boys & i will be spending the day at the mall with my mama trying to find something to wear on our anniversary date & maybe a few more vacation clothes [shhh, don't tell the husband] & then sunday we are off to the zoo so we are looking forward to the weekend. hope you all enjoy yours!

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