Monday, February 20, 2012

shopping spree & the weekend recap

friday was anything but a bright sunshiny day here in the sunshine state but that didn't stop us. we loaded up the car & headed out to meet my mom at one of our favorite malls. we made a few stops at aeropostale[hello, everything was 50% off], hollister, victoria's secret & a bunch of other stores in between & we can't forget a pretzel stop, who doesn't get pretzels at the mall! i may have helped myself to a little shopping spree [THANK YOU JER!!! i know he'll read this] i actually ended up with some really great deals, walking away with two pairs of shorts, a bunch of shirts & even some jewelry! my mission was to find a shirt for our anniversary date & it was a success, i also snagged some more clothes for vacation, errr, just to have, i might have way more clothes than i need now for vacation, haha!! a little gloomy & rainy but we didn't let it ruin our day. who doesn't love a day at the mall with their mama. the kids were even a little spoiled with presents from gram, imagine that.

after all that wonderful, my 20 minute ride took an hour & 20 minutes to get home, really, must we drive 7mph on the interstate, if everyone knew how to drive, like your supposed, that wouldn't happen. my day of shopping was followed by a tan & i was a happy girl.

saturday, it's a love hate thing. i spent the day cleaning the house, since you know, it does take an entire day to clean the house when you have two tiny humans walking behind you making a bigger mess & my evening was spent in the bedroom, rocking out to 80's & 90's music on the sat while jer played madden.

sunday, we were supposed to go to the zoo but the forecast called for bad weather so we scratched those plans[but we totally could have gone, it barely even rained, grrr florida weather] so i was up & out the door early first with a trip to walmart & the grocery store. then we went as a family to the tmobile store[that deserves its own post soon enough] dropped all the boys off at home, headed to mom's, grabbed a frozen coffee treat & came home at which time i realized i was really enjoying being out, alone [now i love my family, but i spent practically an entire day alone, out of this house & i might have to do it more often, to keep sane] so i left. i went to kohls to return a pair of shorts found the cutest shirt instead & then went to the mall, a different one. i saw a pair of sneakers i wanted at aero on friday but they didn't have my size so i was going to go scoop them up while they were on sale only they didn't have them at this one period. lame & then helped myself to a pretzel. my husband has decided to stop eating carbs & sugar for a week, so i am on my own for food for the next week ... & well, clearly i like my carbs.

so my friends that was it. nothing too exciting come up. the kids are going to mom's wednesday night & we're having date night followed by a day at busch gardens sans kids, need my coaster fix ...

.... & as far as countdowns go: less than 2 weeks till our anniversary & LESS THAN TWENTY DAYS UNTIL VACATION!!! whooohooo!!!

hope you all had a good one

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