Friday, February 10, 2012

passed with flying colors

yesterday was braedon's 2.5 year check up [originally they were having him come in to check up on a couple things but recently they have created the "2.5 well check] jeremiah took brae while i stayed home with colton. we thought it was easier than bringing colton along to sit in a doctors office, for who knows how long, for no reason plus it gave daddy & braedon some special time together.

braedon trey: 2 1/2 years

you might remember the last time we went he was behind on just a couple of things & we needed to work on a couple things with his speech. well .... after filing out a new set of questions & an eval from the doctor she said "he passed with flying colors" he is all caught up & doing everything he should be doing.

as far as his speech was concerned i knew he would do great, he has had such huge strides since july.

he has gained 5lbs since the last time we were there & grew 1 inch only. he went from the 50% to the 30% but the doctor said it may be a mistake on their part. last time they measured him laying down, this standing up so she thinks that's what happened.

we also brought to her attention that he is still having the problems with his feet[mainly left foot], with turning them in when he is walking/running & him being clumsy. she said she could see & notice it but also said she could see him correcting it on his own. it's a great thing he is aware of the problem & correcting it by himself. he is, alone, training it to go how it's supposed to. she said for right now it's not a problem. we're just going to continue to keep an eye on it & call if he becomes more clumsy or we notice his foot getting worse/him not fixing it.

he also had a flu shot, jer said he cried for a minute but that was it. so proud of my big guy! we will take him back in july for his three year well check.


after the doc the boys all ate lunch, took a nap & headed to the park. mama stayed home to get caught up on a couple things around the house. when they came home jer & colton went to clean c's room & i headed in to do braedon's. all of a sudden he is standing in the hallway in hysterics. he wont stop crying, yelling, doesn't want a hug or to talk to anybody. next thing i now he is trotting in his room, crawls up in his bed & just lays there watching me clean. i get the vacuum, tell him i am about to vacuum & as soon as i turned it out he was passed out like a light.

he slept for a bit, woke up, ate some dinner, played & then headed back to bed. this afternoon he slept twice too. normal naptime & then he told me he wanted to watch toy story in colton's room so i put it in, he got up on colton's bed, not even 10 minutes later he was out. slept for about an hour & now is in bed for the night. 

the kid loves his sleep but doesn't usually sleep so much. i don't think anything is bothering him, he is still smiling, laughing & full of energy. maybe just growing!

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