Friday, February 10, 2012

my lastest obsession

i am not really a girly girl. while i do get dressed up & pretty when we go out, i don't do it everyday. i don't curl my hair everyday. i don't wear make up everyday. i spend entire days in my pajamas if i'm not going anywhere. i go the the grocery store in jeans & a t-shirt. what i do always do though is my nails! they are always painted! i have just about every color of the rainbow in nail polish. i can't stand not having them painted & i can't stand it to be chipping.

so i am always buying nail polish. i pick one up just about every time i am in the store. my latest find that i am totally obsessed with now....

[hard candy: mattely in love 324]

seriously you guys. any color gone matte! i have used it three different times, with three different colors. this stuff is no joke. no need to go buy each color two times, one regular, one matte[if you like it, which i love] 
if you are a nail girl, next time you are at the store, go pick one up & try it out!

[this isn't a sponsored post. i found this product on my own & truly love it]


Amanda Marie said...

Back when I first found Pinterest and Matte nails were all over the feeds, I was hooked. You couldn't find it ANYWHERE (it's still kind of rare around here), but my mother in law is a nail tech and she ordered me a matte top coat. I've been having fun playing with it too!!

Haven't tried the Hard Candy stuff. It's probably a hell of a lot cheaper than the stuff I have, lol. Might have to head to get it. Is it at Walmart?

sabrina @ baby loves said...

yeah, that's where i got it :)