Saturday, February 4, 2012

its official!!!!!

our vacation is officially booked!!!

& i honestly couldn't be more excited!!! we have the hotel booked friday-wednesday. we decided to add an extra day & head out the day before we start all the parks. we can hang out & swim at the hotel, go do something in orlando or downtown disney.

we also bought our park tickets!!! we will be going to seaworld saturday[we have passes for that]. then visiting the disney parks sun, mon & tues. we bought tickets for magic kingdom, animal kingdom & hollywood studios.

we were back & forth about whether or not we should visit epcot & after talking to some people who have been & talking between each other we decided to skip it this time. i don't think there is too much for the kids to do. i think they may be bored with it. we also have a different situation than most, we live here. so it's not a once in a lifetime trip for us. we can take the kids to epcot anytime. 

i think we're going to take our extra full day & go to seaworld. we have season passes & braedon has been asking to go. maybe we will split the day up, spend awhile at seaworld & then find something else fun & exciting in orlando. who knows...

what i do know is i am super excited. we have gone camping a few times, a trip up north, a few little trips together but this is like our first real big family vacation... which started as our anniversary trip [& still kind of is] we will celebrate 5 years six days before we leave. we were going to do something romantic & getaway alone, but what can i say. we love our kids. we have fun with our kids so we decided to make it a family affair.

plus, vacation is always an excuse to go shopping & this mama is going shopping later :)

hope everyone is having a great weekend!

31 days ♥

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