Friday, February 3, 2012

friday brain dump

• i was just thinking about how this little blog of mine has taken a seat on the back burner again. then i saw this lovely little gem. what a great way to throw me back into the swing of things.

• my in-laws have come & gone & we had a great time with them while they were here, it was sad to see them go. the kids really enjoyed having some more family down here.

• monster jam was great! we had so much fun & i have ton of pictures, i still need to post.

• the very next day we spend the day at disney world also a ton of fun & also deserves a post.

•the highlight of our week : jeremiah's vacation was officially approved yesterday !!!! we're booking everything tonight after the kids are in bed [we didn't do it yesterday because you know, it was thursday & grey's was on]

• i have [finally] realized while i enjoy the house being clean every minute of everyday, with two small children that just doesn't happen. i have stopped picking up the toys 12 times a day & just doing it after the kids go to bed ... or GASP ... i have even gone to bed a few times with toys all over the living room. my mindset?! they're just going to be right back out in the morning right?!

•with that being said i have big goals to get the house cleaned & all the laundry done by the time the kids are in bed. i am looking forward to the weekend & would enjoy not having to do much of anything! 

• i should probably put the computer away & get to it now ....

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~Pam~ said...

I can't believe our time in Florida has come and gone!!! We miss you all so much.
lots of love xoxox